Lemur 4 Update Adds In-App Editing, Skins & More

lemur-4Liine today announced a major update to Lemur – its modular MIDI/OSC controller platform for iOS.

Lemur 4 add a fully-featured in-app template editor, so you can create new controllers directly on your iPad; and three new user interface skins.

Liine also today announced LiveControl 2, which they describe as ‘the ultimate Live controller’. LiveControl 2 will be a free download and is expected in early 2013.

Here are the details:

Liine Lemur v4

  • In App Editor — Lemur 4 lets you design templates on the fly, without a computer in sight. The In-App Editor makes multitouch control improvisatory by letting you shape your controller the same way you shape sounds. Virtually every function of the desktop editor application is now available through an intuitive system of iOS menus and widgets. Best of all – it’s easier to use than ever. This means a much smaller learning curve and an immediate initial experience. Any basic configuration, such as a typical bank of faders, can now be created with a few familiar taps and gestures. And any factory template can be adjusted quickly to suit your particular needs.
  • Skins — Lemur now features three new skins, in addition to the classic look. Choose the look that fits your style and get inspired.
  • LiveControl 2 — Designed in partnership with master designer ST8. LiveControl 2 will let you improvise a riff on the Play page, then switch to the Sequencer page to edit the pattern. Choose a key and scale to guide your melodies and use Quick Chord to create harmonies. Use the Modulate page to map any parameter from any plugin to the MultiBall object and take advantage of Physics, LFOs and gesture recording. The Launch lets you use Lemur as clip launcher. Lemur 2 also includes snapshots and morphing.

Here’s the intro video for Lemur 4:


  • Objects – Fader; Multislider, Range; Multiball; Knob; RingArea; Switches; Pads; Custom Button; Container; Breakpoint; Leds; LemurMenu; Monitor; SignalScope; SurfaceLCD; Text
  • Physics – The behaviour of many Lemur objects can be affected by powerful and easy to use physical models which can make your controller bounce, rebound and oscillate. Make your controller come alive.
  • Scripting – If you’re the type who likes to get their hands dirty then there’s a powerful scripting engine inside Lemur. Harnessing this power will allow you to build extremely dynamic templates.
    Requirements (for the Lemur Daemon):
    – OS X (Intel only) 10.5+
    – Windows (XP SP3 or 7 recommended)
  • Connectivity – connect your iPad/iPhone to your laptop over Wi-Fi. Lemur also supports CoreMIDI, allowing you to use hardware interfaces such as Alesis’ iO Dock or the iConnectMIDI or class-compliant USB MIDI interfaces via the CCK.

Lemur 4 is available now in the App Store for $49.99.

12 thoughts on “Lemur 4 Update Adds In-App Editing, Skins & More

    1. I don’t think it has yet.

      Fair enough, though, nothing else touches it, at this point. Once Live 9 is out, this will be a no brainier.

        1. Live 9 suite bundles max 4 live which opens up the door to control may parameters of ableton via the ipad. Great for live performance as well as production work.

          Plus TONS of free templates 🙂

  1. I just updated and so far it is a great update. Editing is simple and intuitive. Hit the plus button for a new object, momentarily hold your finger on any object and the objects inspector window appears, create and name new pages by hitting a plus button in the global settings page or by momentarily holding your finger on a blank part of the canvas you can copy the entire page to another page. There are 4 skins – and the new default Pixel skin is significantly better. It is sharper, edges are more defined, text is easier to read, it just looks a lot tighter.

    Some things are not as intuitive. I am not sure you can select multiple object at once to change their color for example, I am not sure how to go about creating scripts for objects, there is no new tutorial video and the old manual is still in place. I would like a plus and minus box for setting multislider,ball, button etc amounts – sometimes getting right on the number you want with the slider is fiddly.

    So far I’m very pleased with this update. Creating quick and simple interfaces directly from the interface is now a breeze. For something more complex I think you might still need to use the standard editor.

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