This Is Not The End (Eigenharp Alpha Meets Animoog 2)

Reader Geert Bevin, inspired by how Animoog 2 works with his Eigenharp Alpha as much as the impending apocalypse, created This Is Not The End. The composition explores how different types of touches on the Eigenharp can be used to create very different sounds with Animoog.

Here’s Bevin’s explanation of the technical details:

This is a first composition with Animoog 2 and my Eigenharp Alpha. I’m using a single sound patch in Animoog that totally changes based on how I touch the keys on the Eigenharp. The sound ranges from something akin to a polyphonic theremin to percussive glass sparkles as well as everything in between. This patch was based on one of Animoog’s Acoustic Expansion Pack patches.

Animoog 2 has improved its MIDI handling tremendously and together with an iConnectMIDI interface, I’m able to send the Eigenharp expression data to Animoog at full rate without any decimation. Creating and playing music with Animoog is now a very emotional experience. Currently this only reacts to polyphonic aftertouch, but I’m hopeful that Moog might ultimately add full support for Voice-Per-Channel MIDI, maybe even at 14-bit resolution.

Animoog sounds amazing to me and is amongst the top software synths I’ve played.

3 thoughts on “This Is Not The End (Eigenharp Alpha Meets Animoog 2)

  1. Too bad that the lights are off….I understand that the LED’s on the eigenharp deserve some attention, but I’d rather seen you play….no problems with the sound however. Sounds great!

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