Free Music From Benge – Rebisus

Free Music Friday: Synthesist Benge (Ben Edwards) has released a new EP of electronic music, Rebisus, using a ‘name your price’ model.

Here’s what he has to say about Rebisus:

Presented here are five new pieces of music exploring the relationship between an electronic system of some complexity (details below) and simple pulse based compositions. The various instruments were set up in such a way as to be considered one large interactive system and the individual pieces were thereby ‘grown’ or allowed to form naturally.

Technical Details:

The system comprised the following elements:

Analog sound sources including oscillators and white noise generators; voltage controllers and processors including step sequencers, clock dividers, and potentiometers; audio processors including amplifiers, reverberation units, tape delay and keyed analog compression.

The various triggers and gates were used to set off reactions that, for example, would send an audio signal to a reverberation unit being modulated by a separate but rhythmically connected pulse which would in turn be fed into an analog compressor being modulated by a different pulse thereby creating multi-layered rhythms and polyrhythms. The idea was to set up as complex a patch as possible whilst maintaining the simple ryhthmic identity of the pieces.

Equipment used:

  • Buchla 100 / 200e hybrid modular synthesiser
  • EMS VCS3 modular synthesiser
  • Roland R880 Digital Reverberator
  • MXR 01 Digital Reverb
  • Watkins Copycat valve echo
  • Tascam 112R casette recorder
  • MXR Dual Limiter
  • Alesis 3060 compressor
  • DBX 119 compressor
  • Avalon VT747 Compressor / EQ
  • Langavin passive EQ
  • Yamaha RM16 console

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