Samplr, Borderlands & Korg iPolySix On Sonic Touch

Nick and Gaz are back with the latest episode of Sonic Touch, which looks at Samplr, Borderlands and Korg iPolySix. 

Gaz takes a look at the beautiful Samplr – a sampling and playback app, plus Borderlands – a granular sample player with a unique interface. Nick checks out Korg’s new iPolysix synthesizer

via sonicstate

20 thoughts on “Samplr, Borderlands & Korg iPolySix On Sonic Touch

    1. So you are like the dude in A Clockwork Orange, with your eyes held open and people forcing you to view objectionable iPad content?
      Or could you just,you know, not read stuff you aren’t interested in?

  1. @foeny
    probably because Ipad is where it’s “happening” at the moment.
    It don’t have any Apple device but nonetheless appreciate these “synth related” news, especially videos featuring such enteraining people as Nick Batt

    1. I’m a long time fan of Sonic State, and I still watch the Sonic Touch episodes, but I just have to say:

      This series of videos is awkward to watch at best, sometimes just disappointing. They have sometimes featured apps that I do not have, but somehow I still know their specs and functions better than these two. That’s fine for an unboxing-style video… but that potential doesn’t exist here. Unless they want to make people watch as they purchase the app from the app store and boot it up for the first time, tinker, set-up midi, etc…. which I will presume they do not.

      They should put a little more effort into understanding-more-completely the apps they are reviewing, otherwise it ends up looking bad for them and the app developers as well.

      I really appreciate their excitement over a lot the apps they feature… but this series is really benefiting from being the only well-known, serial iOS video review on the net as of now.

      So maybe I’ll just start my own iOS review series to give them some competition? Raise the bar a notch or two?

      1. I’ve been only watching the “Polysix” part of the video (end) and find the content enough informative.

        Synth sound, filter, effects, midi, mixer, sequencer, XYpad control, cpu load……it’s all there…..

        ok we are waiting for your videos……

        1. I should point out that this is one of the better videos they’ve done and that hopefully they’re starting to find their flow. My stated opinion is one based on the entirety of the series.

          I’m discovering I have a lot of reasons for not exactly liking this little video mag. And I do think I could put together a more informative, demonstrative, concise, in-depth series of videos about music & idevices.

          Sonic Touch sorta feels like a cooking segment on a morning news show. Where the host looks half-interested but reserved, and the guest is frantic in trying to explain everything he wants to in under 3 minutes.

          Perhaps a quick overview and some loosely-related anecdotes is enough for most, but I guess I’m looking for something a little more instrument, a little less talking head. If I wanted British banter, I’d be watching Downton Abbey.

          Why do I even care enough to talk about it? I’m not really trying to hate on Nick and Gaz, they seem cool enough, and Nick I’ve watched for years now it seems. I guess I’m just bored. I’m still gonna hit pos comment though…

  2. Touchscreens are going to be a huge part of music in the future, but right now its mostly iPad related. That is no reason to hate iDevices 🙂

  3. actually i think you got it wrong there.
    imo this is just a question/answer format which helps these guys keep the show focused.

  4. I love my many iPads…heck, I was just in Guitar Center checking out the synths…I miss my Motif ES after all these years, there was an immediacy with it that I never felt before, and seldom have felt since. That being said, I have been eyeballing the Korg MicroStation but just can’t bring myself to shell out $400 plus for a bunch of oboes, grand pianos, and other assorted stuff I wouldn’t use 99.99999% of the time. To me, the iPad (or whatever touch device one uses) is so damn versatile, it has INCREDIBLE synths (I proudly can say I have the best of them), I would much rather put out what little disposable income I have towards the latest incremental generation. Now if more great manufacturers like Roland, Yamaha, and others get with it and start developing smokin’ synths for this thing, they would be stepping in the right direction. Come on, take a look at what Korg, Moog, and others have already done…astonishing. Now if only somebody would come out with a serious hardware input/output solution for the IPad (I have Alesis iodock but that has serious letdowns) we would be happy! Italo Forever

  5. it’s cheaper for korg etc to put out apps than hardware. but these apps are whetting the appetite of a larger audience for that hardware. hardware has always sold better than software. I hope Roland starts to see where korg is going and follows suit.

    unfortunately it’s faster to make an app than hardware too so there’ll always be this filler between the big new synth releases.

    better than total silence!

    1. You’re right on Lu. Hey, if I had it my way (that is, money in my pockets) I would put down wad on the latest Motif! For me, that thing is an incredible performance synth. That truly is the beauty of dedicated hardware verse computer/software/controllers…you spend less time dickin’ around with setting up, mapping this to that and all that can of worms and more time cranking out some fun stuff! Someday, someday again I will have one glowing in my lair of doom! Mu ha ha ha!

  6. Shit, I just hit thumb down when i meant to thumb UP Mad Radiator.

    I spoke with Marcos and it is something he would like to impliment at some point however he has a lot going on at the moment so I guess for all of us it is a case of wait and hope.
    Clock Sync for the looping operations and grain divides would be a game changer to me.

    1. It’s ok Phill that you thumbed me down. I only cried for a short while, but then I made myself all better by going to the app store and purchasing Samplr. Glad Synthtopia turned me on to it.

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