20 thoughts on “Alesis IO Dock Hack Adds An Internal USB Hub

  1. this is the missing link right there. im going to get a guy mod this for me.
    excellent stuff. now if only sysex was there…

    1. What apps and synths would you use sysex with?

      And if you have a USB port could you use one of those 5 dollar USB to MIDI cables? That’s what I use with my camera connection kit now.

  2. While I don’t own or use the I/O Dock, this was a very educational and entertaining video! Thanks for posting

  3. Great idea! And I haven’t used my dremel in a little while so it’ll be fun to break that guy out again! Thanks for the tip!

  4. This is a great tutorial. I believe if he used those paper cut outs to explain other aspects of life, I would instantly understand them!

    1. To be honest, I didn’t even care about the topic. Watched the whole thing for just the voice and the cut-outs. =p

  5. This is the coolest hack I’ve seen in a long time, although the side effects aren’t that great. Where is Alesis? Clearly they know that they could add a Lighting Connector instead of the old 30 Pin Dock Connector along with these updated connections. I don’t get it…why not say you’re working on it and give us a timeframe? The iO Dock is the best accessory available for the iPad 1, 2, and 3. Alesis: now it’s time to give us a new release date with these added features!

  6. Why don’t apple just put proper connections on the damn thing to begin with so you don’t need all this?

  7. If you don’t mind a bit of shameless promotion here: I’ve put my original modded dock on eBay now (look for auction 151309716452 on the German market). It has been running rather well for over a year now, but it won’t fit my iPad Air without an adapter and rather brutal reworkings.

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