20 thoughts on “Alesis IO Dock Hack Adds An Internal USB Hub

  1. this is the missing link right there. im going to get a guy mod this for me.
    excellent stuff. now if only sysex was there…

    1. What apps and synths would you use sysex with?

      And if you have a USB port could you use one of those 5 dollar USB to MIDI cables? That’s what I use with my camera connection kit now.

  2. Great idea! And I haven’t used my dremel in a little while so it’ll be fun to break that guy out again! Thanks for the tip!

  3. This is a great tutorial. I believe if he used those paper cut outs to explain other aspects of life, I would instantly understand them!

  4. This is the coolest hack I’ve seen in a long time, although the side effects aren’t that great. Where is Alesis? Clearly they know that they could add a Lighting Connector instead of the old 30 Pin Dock Connector along with these updated connections. I don’t get it…why not say you’re working on it and give us a timeframe? The iO Dock is the best accessory available for the iPad 1, 2, and 3. Alesis: now it’s time to give us a new release date with these added features!

  5. If you don’t mind a bit of shameless promotion here: I’ve put my original modded dock on eBay now (look for auction 151309716452 on the German market). It has been running rather well for over a year now, but it won’t fit my iPad Air without an adapter and rather brutal reworkings.

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