Arturia Minibrute Ambient Improvisation

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures an Berlin School style ambient improvisation that explores the mellow side of the Arturia MiniBrute

via Dovinia:

Quite by chance a Minibrute ended up on my desk the other day. I wasn’t really going to order this synth but when one turned up for sale I couldn’t resist the temptation to try it out – if only to see if it can do other sounds than the ones that have so far been presented in various reviews. I think I quite like it.

16 thoughts on “Arturia Minibrute Ambient Improvisation

  1. I pre ordered mine , and 8 months later it was delivered … and that was just pre order before they were even shipping.
    its a future classic imho

    1. Except Moog actually knows how to ship synths, and the build quality on them is excellent.

      The knobs on the MiniBrute are iffy, and see the comment above about Arturia’s ability to actually deliver.

      1. I have a MiniBrute and would not use “iffy” or any similar synonym to describe the knobs. The Square Wave Env Amt knob takes less pressure to turn than all of the other knobs, and that’s the closest thing to “iffy” that I could possibly conceive about this instrument. It’s built like a tank.

        1. I’ve read reports that the key weights on a few have come loose?

          But versus discussion is silly. Get a Moog Minitaur, Arturia MiniBrute AND and an Elektron Analog 4 – have a crazy, awesome analog studio for an incredible price.

          PS. That demo is multitracked right?

        1. Don’t get me wrong – the Minibrute is a great deal at $500, but the build quality isn’t anywhere near a MiniMoog.

          Should be obvious, given the price difference.

          1. no you are wrong, a minimoog isnt built from diamonds and adamantium

            i own a minibrute and have used a voyager quite a bit.. you can easily compare build quality because they are both solid as hell

            the minibrute is tighter and more compact because it has smaller components and less of them

            its certainly a modern classic.. yeh its that good

  2. I will never understand some people’s obsession over cost instead of quality & capability.

    I lust after the Voyager XL. You might as well dream big!

  3. I’ve had one for a week. It is an absolutely brilliant little synth. Can’t be beat for the price, and seems to be nearly as well built as any of my Moogs. New classic, no doubt.

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