Auria LE 24-Track iPad DAW Now Available For $25



WaveMachine Labs has released Auria LE, a 24-track digital recording system, designed from the ground up for the iPad.

Auria LE is an entry-level version of Auria, and can be expanded to the full version via an in-app purchase.

Here’s a comparison between Auria and Auria LE:



  • 24 tracks of simultaneous playback of stereo or mono files (upgradable to 48 tracks).
  • Up to 8 tracks of simultaneous recording when used with compatible USB audio interfaces (upgradable to 24 tracks of recording) Camera Connection Kit required.
  • 24-bit recording
  • Supports sample rate of 44.1KHz only (upgradable to support 48K and 96K sample rates)
  • Vintage-inspired ChannelStrip on every channel by PSPAudioware includes Expander, Multiband EQ and Compressor
  • MasterStrip on all subgroup and master channels featuring PSPAudioware BussPressor, EQ and Mastering Limiter
  • Third party VST effect plugin support available via in-app purchase (only iOS-version plugins are supported. All plugins must be purchased through the in-app store)
  • ClassicVerb reverb plugin included
  • StereoDelay and StereoChorus plugins included
  • 2 Assignable subgroups(upgradable to 8) and 2 aux sends
  • Powerful waveform editor with features like cut/copy/paste, duplicate, separate, gain, and more
  • Flexible snapping tools allow snapping to events, cursor, bars, beats and more
  • DropBox, SoundCloud and Audio Copy/Paste support
  • Full automation support on all controls with graphical editing
  • True 100mm faders when used in Portrait Mode
  • Optional video import feature allows sample accurate sync of video to an Auria project with adjustable offset times and video export capability
  • Timeline ruler options include minutes:seconds, bars:beats, samples and SMPTE time
  • Auto-punch mode
  • Full delay compensation on all tracks and subgroups
  • Adjustable metering modes, including pre or post fader, RMS and peak
  • Adjustable pan laws
  • Sample accurate loop function
  • Automatic sample rate conversion
  • •Built-in metronome

Includes a demo song mixed on Auria by Grammy winning producer/engineer David Kahne.


  • iPad 2 or later strongly recommended.
  • Requires iOS 5.0 or later
  • USB audio interfaces require Camera Connection Kit

Auria LE is available now for $24.99 in the App Store.

29 thoughts on “Auria LE 24-Track iPad DAW Now Available For $25

  1. It’s funny because I want to want this, but then… I don’t know why I should spend the (albeit rudiculously small amount of) money to buy it. So far my ipad experience has been a mixed bag of joys and woes. It’s still more like the taste of things to come. But I won’t argue that you can already use the ipad instead of a laptop, if you accept the chage, the limitations and the crashes

    1. Auria has announced that they’re working on Audiobus support. I don’t think they’ve said when the update with Audiobus will be available, though.

      Anybody know more on that?

      1. Yeah, saw over on Audiobus’ forum that it was not as simple for them to add it as it has been for other apps-they need Audiobus to make some sort of changes for them.

    1. Very buggy? Not my experience at all and I’ve used it extensively on iPad 3 and iPad 4. See my upcoming review (January 2013) in Pro Audio Review.

      1. Just look over at the Auria forums. Most threads are about bugs, often trivial ones, and the list of fixed bugs in the dedicated thread is now in the hundreds. They have great customer support, but appearently not a lot of testing prior to release.

        Now don’t say “But Audio software is complex!” – NanoStudio is arguably more complex than Auria, and it is essentially bug-free.

  2. Looking at the list of “No” entries in the feature column, I’m not sure why anyone would buy the LE version at all. I’d rather have 4-8 tracks with usable features than 24 tracks of extremely limited use. Really, how many iPad users need tracks over function? Seems to me it would be a pretty low percentage.

    1. Oh, and for sure the low end version needs to include the AAF project export! Otherwise anything you record in it is a dead end! Limited features to edit your tracks, and nothing but a stereo bounce out? What is the usage case for that? This is clearly just a $25 demo.

  3. Looks like the Auria people are here in force to downvote criticism of their software.

    I don’t buy their excuse about the lack of Audiobus either. If Multitrack DAW can do it, so can they.

  4. With so many limitations this should be a FREE version of Auria.

    There is no way that anyone is going to be able to do anything more that a few basic recordings with this.

    You’d probably catch more fish if the bait was free.

  5. I emailed auria support 2 days ago to ask what was happening with midi/audiobus support,
    had reply as follows……………


    AudioBus has some major issues that they are working out for it to be compatible with Auria. Auria is more complicated than any app that currently uses AudioBus, which is why its taking longer than planned.

    Furthermore, we have stated that both MIDI and AudioBus will be available ASAP. It’s a technical matter of getting it working properly, not choosing to ignore it. Thank you for being patient while we work hard to implement them.


    Chris Miller
    WaveMachine Lab”

    1. “AudioBus has some major issues that they are working out for it to be compatible with Auria”


      They should say that AURIA has some major issues to be compatible with Audiobus…

      1. It could very well be that Auria is waiting for Audiobus to work with 24bit/96k audio, because as of now it only moves 16bit/44.1k between apps.

        Or it could be that both Auria and Audiobus are attempting to take control of the iPad’s audio system and therefore are conflicting with eachother.

        Or it could be a million other ways that the two apps are not playing friendly as of now. I agree that it is bad form to so easily and broadly blame the other guy’s software, because ultimately getting the apps to work together is a task for both teams. But beating up on either one of the company’s isn’t going to accomplish much when we all know they are already working towards audiobus integration.

      2. Someone (not the devs) recently posted this over at the Audiobus Forum, and it may give some insight:

        “From what I understand, Audiobus runs internally at a fixed latency of 256 samples. On anything other than an iPad 4 (I’ll discuss this further in a bit), 256 samples is a good compromise between audio latency and CPU hit.

        The Auria IOS app is only able to achieve the things it does because it has an internal playback buffer setting of 4096 samples (which is massive by modern day standards but was commonly used when desktop DAW’s first hit the market). However when tracking, it allows the user to set buffer size according to their devices capabilities (default setting of 256 but as low as 128). This is one of the reasons that an Audiobus compatible version of Auria has yet to hit the app store.

        Audiobus has to service the needs of many different usage scenarios/hardware capabilities and to keep the system as simple to use as possible the Audiobus developers decided on a fixed latency of 256 samples. IMHO this fixed latency decision causes more problems than it solves and the compromise hurts different Audiobus user groups for different reasons – those users looking for live tracking solutions find the latency too high and those users looking to play back/sequence multiple virtual instruments find the latency to be too low.”

        So there is that to consider.

  6. Huh. Well, I suppose it’s pretty cool that at least you got a rapid enough response. I can’t wait for them to deliver a finished product- I’ve seen and heard so much about Auria in the last few months, and as soon as it has audiobus and midi, I wouldn’t think twice about paying the approx $100 for a complete app- once you purchace all the IAP’s. I’ve spent more to get less, but until it’s done and the finishing touches are on it I’ll live with MT DAW. I really don’t need 48 tracks, though, so the news of a cheaper 24 track edition sounds cool enough, I’ll be looking forward to it.

  7. I want to try Auria but I’m afraid it will just break my heart on the iPad 1…

    However, there’s still Multitrack DAW, Studio.HD, Garageband, and several other recording solutions. Not to mention loop players (Loopy, Looptastic) and drum machine-like software (Beatmaker 2, iMPC, iMASCHINE) that encroach into DAW territory.

    And of course just sampling into Nanostudio. 😉

  8. I already had MT DAW and was happy, I heard too many complaints from users about Auria’s $50 program and thought no way, but when I seen a scaled back version for $25 I went for it, only to find out, it was WAYYY scaled back. I mean they don’t even use the same basic software engine as in the $50 version. It’s kinda like a bait and switch if you ask me. So now I’m stuck with a $25 DAW that ALMOST works. Maybe they can’t do a 30 day full feature THEN scale it back, like any laptop program would do? I don’t know… but I just don’t like all the NO’s I bought thinking I was getting fewer tracks but at least the same software engine. And also, I love the gen 4 iPad, but I wouldn’t want it replacing my laptop. Not with current specs. At least my laptop charges while multiple USB devices are connected! But I do like my iPad 4 and new software is coming out fast. Once it’s fully matured someone will come out with a DAW making Auria’s $50 DAW a memory.

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