Acrylic Modular Synth Cases


Saturday Synth Porn: World Grid Modular creates these translucent cases for Eurorack and Analogue systems modules, using Perspex.

They’d look even sexier full of modules, don’t you think?Features:

  • Handmade and designed in Australia using UK sourced Perspex, guaranteed for 10 years.
  • 1″ thick perspex end panels to ensure strength and durability.
  • vented to allow passive air flow over circuits for cooling.
  • counter sunk screw hole design with sculpted radial edges
  • Removable universal power board trays with stand offs.
  • multiple dc barrel inlet and switch point locations including front panel.
  • Includes mounting rails
  • Acrylic polymer desktop format allows you to see your powerboard \ module LED’s inside.

See the World Grid site for details.

via matrixsynth

6 thoughts on “Acrylic Modular Synth Cases

    1. I guess I could look at their pictures and get on my fathers Lazer cutting machine and build my own for cheaper than what ever number they are hiding

  1. Very nice. I’m kinda surprised no one has done this before. But Perspex is an expensive material and they don’t usually make it for just anyone.

    I’m sure you could make it from Acrylic glass, but you’d have to tweak it a bit.

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