New Akai Max25 MIDI Controller Offers CV/Gate, Aftertouch & A Built-In Step Sequencer


At the 2013 NAMM Show, Akai Pro introduced the MAX25 – a new MIDI controller that offers CV/Gate output, semi-weighted keys with aftertouch, a built-in step sequencer, expanded arpeggiator, and LED touch faders for gradual or instant parameter value changes.

The new MAX25 is a smaller version of last year’s MAX49.  Where MAX49 has 49 keys, 8 faders, and 12 pads, MAX25 has 25, 4, and 8, respectively.

MAX25 will come with AkaiConnect automatic-mapping software and Mackie Control and HUI modes for instant compatibility with many DAWs.


  • 25 semi-weighted keys with aftertouch, 4 LED touch faders
  • Included AkaiConnect software automatically maps to VSTs
  • 8 MPC pads, MPC Note Repeat, and MPC Swing
  • 4 pad banks, 4 fader banks: 64 assignable pads, faders, and buttons
  • Step sequencer and expanded arpeggiator
  • CV & Gate outputs (1V/Oct)
  • Mackie Control and HUI modes

Pricing is expected to be around $350.

16 thoughts on “New Akai Max25 MIDI Controller Offers CV/Gate, Aftertouch & A Built-In Step Sequencer

  1. Red is my fave, but in this photo it looks a wee bit too orange.
    Gotta check it out in proper daylight before replacing the old li’l one.

    oh, and maybe try out the weightedness and aftertouch too.

  2. I think this one and the new M-Audio Axiom Air is way better than the new Novation Launchkey. I’m not shure about the touch faders in the Akai and I’m a little bit frustrated by the lack of real knobs, besides that it have CV/Gate output and red color! But this new Axiom have compatibillity with the Hypercontroll software, and I maybe the quallity of the keys is better than the previous generation.

  3. I like the new size, and with the growing popularity of analog gear (including modulars) Akai shows that they are staying alert. Unfortunately my experience with the MAX49 was not very good, so I think I’ll pass on this one until it matures a generation or two…

    1. I was just going to buy one, can you please tell me what is wrong with the MAX49 in your experience.
      In what areas should it be more mature?
      Thank you in advance

  4. Personally I love encoders (endless encoders more than knobs…)
    but I played with the MAX49 at the local musik shop
    and you can easily move a few touch faders together.
    Despite my love for encoders, you can’t move more than two at a time
    (unless you have more than two hands of course)
    in other words, imho touch faders give you much more live control.
    guess what you can achieve with a bit of trained “autonomous/magician fingers”

    I’m also in the list of “I was expecting a MAX61 as well”
    but I can understand why they decided to go for the 25 keys
    this I could bring with me on a trip, the 61 not so easily

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