Buchla Electric Music Box Returning


At the 2013 NAMM Show, Buchla Electronic Music Instruments introduced the new Electric Music Box – a modern recreating of Don Buchla’s classic synth.

The Electric Music Box is expected to retail for about $4,000.


The new Electric Music Box is designed to be faithful to the original design, but with some adaptions to make the new synth fit easily into modern workflows more effectively.

Additional details are to come – but check out the Buchla Electric Music Box and let us know what you think!


41 thoughts on “Buchla Electric Music Box Returning

  1. analogue is in the minds of many a sales team,… just look at the slump in prices and sales of soft synths,… and the ‘new’ analogue market,.. even the prices on EBay are taking a hit from the new gear sales.

  2. This is the buchla that I’ve been wanting since I heard the name buchla…and to finally have the opportunity to actually purchase one…lets just say my studio is about to get a bit smaller, and better for it…thank you Don…expensive, yes…but this isn’t a moog, this is a Buchla! And as a close friend of mine own a 35,000 dollor buchla modular, the price on this beautiful piece of electronic art is quite fair…simply put no one else makes a synth like a buchla!…

      1. They’re already take 150 or so pre-orders with $2000 payment up front to get on the list….so, yes I’d say the can sell those like hot cakes.

  3. Thats a pricey synth, why do Buchlas’s cost so much? I have to say, in my years of looking at demos on line I’ve never heard a Buchla play a tune, its always experimental effects. Is that all they can do or is it more about the people who buy them?

    1. Check out Alessandro Cortini’s album SONOIO for some musical usage of Buchla. I agree, though, I have really mostly heard plinks and plonks that aren’t very interesting to me. I would love if people would link to some other musical uses of Buchla synths.

      Don definitely innovated a lot of concepts that we’ve all benefited from. Respect to the genius, I just want to hear people using his gear in an interesting way.

  4. So pretty. I really wish I was able to justify one of these. But it will be cool to hear these on more records now. I might have to check back in a few years to see if they sell cheaper used… kind of doubt it.

  5. paying for the name here? Prophet 12 all the way, and the moog subphatty, better value that one of these even though its looks AMAZING!!!

  6. Why is this thing so damn expensive? What electronics can it possibly have that make it cost that much?? Its almost as though Buchla are deliberately pricing themselves out of the market. Having said that, great sound though, even if it is a touch keyboard.

    1. I second this… Where is the value? I’m asking seriously. I don’t know anything about Buchla. Four grand can get you a lot of synth; what makes this stand apart?

  7. Buchla’s are by definition botique instruments. I can tell you from owning a botique synth myself…the price is reasonable for what it can do. (Though I own a ciat-lonbarde dousk.)
    For those of us who are enthusiasts, the price is reasonable, especially in light of the cost of buchla modular systems, which are often out of reach. The Easel is by definition unique.

    While one can say they can get something better in euro for around that, price, a make nosie system, which is likely the closest you would get, cost around $3000 dollars. As much as I love Make noise, I would prefer to have the real deal, banana jacks and all, including the possibility to expand into a 4U system.
    Also to say the keyboard is bad, is not understanding how cool and unique touch plate interfaces are.

  8. Name a hardware analog synth that is modular and saves patch information……..at any price

    The new Korg MS-20 mini is great for 600 dollars, but it doesn’t save patch info.

  9. For all you shocked by the price…what’s the price of a new Minimoog Voyager? Of a Voyager XL?
    This price is PERFECTLY reasonable.

  10. I hope the knobs wobble less then the 10k+ 200e. The knobs on the Korg Nano Kontrol feel more solid then the 200e, and I am being serious – having used a 200e many times.

  11. I guess I’d just like to say: Spend it if you’ve got it.

    $4000! This could buy a killer Eurorack system, a great modern poly synth, or one badassed computer with all the midi controllers you could want.

    I understand the attraction to modulars, I really do. What I will never understand, is the reason one would spend soooooo much money just to “get the Buchla sound.”

    Maybe I’ve gotta try one to realize why it’s so beautiful, but all the videos in the world won’t convince me to scrounge 4k on this synth. It’s same reason I won’t buy a BMW, a pair of calvin klein jeans, or that coffee that monkeys poo out.

    We all have to do the cost/benefit analysis and I’m seeing the cost – but not much benefit.

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