Livid Base MIDI Controller Combines ‘The Technology Of Drum Machines & Touch Screens’

livid-base-controller2013 NAMM Show: Livid Instruments has introduced Base – a new MIDI controller that’s designed to combine the  technology of drum machines and touch screens.

Base offers 32 pressure-sensitive pads, nine touch sliders, eight touch-sensitive buttons, and eight momentary buttons. Base offers visual feedback va RGB lights and a simple character display.

You can customize all the settings and internal presets using the Base Editor web application.



  • 32 velocity / pressure sensitive pads with aftertouch.
  • 9 touch faders with multiple LED modes.
  • 8 touch buttons.
  • 8 function buttons.
  • All controls have RGB lights.
  • Completely editable with on board presets.
  • Works with anything that supports MIDI learn.
  • USB powered and class compliant (no drivers needed).
  • Constructed from high quality aluminum and rubber.

Base is available to pre-order for US $399 and is expected to ship in March.

11 thoughts on “Livid Base MIDI Controller Combines ‘The Technology Of Drum Machines & Touch Screens’

  1. I would have gone with the Queno if it had RGB pads. Queno does have more advance sensors in the pads. X,Y and Z. Maybe I’ll for Queno 2.0. I did want 32 pads however. Tough decisions ahead.

  2. i went for the quneo. so far a little let down by the touch faders on it, and the x/y action on the pads is hard to do much with since they are small. also it feels more like rolling your finger around rather than sliding. the pads are pretty nice for finger drumming though, with poly pressure and a solid build so it still works out pretty well as a $200 drum controller.

  3. I have the Launchpad and didn’t like it very much for finger Drumming. my trigger finger feels much better. the best pads on the market go to Maschine and the MPC series. Im hoping the base’s pads will have the same build quality.

  4. I have the Cntrl:R, and will probably order this. I like the open-source aspect of these controllers, and they’re built rock-solid.

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