Schmidt Analog Synthesizer Overview

Here’s a demo of the awesome Schmidt Analog Synthesizer from the 2013 NAMM Show.

The Schmidt is a monster synth – both physically huge and huge sounding.┬áDesigner Stefan Schmidt spent years of his life designing the Schmidt Analog Synthesizer, because he wanted a ‘super synth’.And the Schmidt synthesizer is a muscle car monster synth, the likes of which the world has seldom seen.

Unfortunately, it’s also a synth that’s hugely expensive and only built to order. Check it out and let us know what you think!

via sonicstate

23 thoughts on “Schmidt Analog Synthesizer Overview

  1. very impressive synth, but i’ve heard it will cost over $20,000 – i guess we’ll just have to settle for watching guys like hans zimmer and giorgio moroder play them. i’ll stick with my $800 prophet 600.

      1. on the other hand, I think I’ll just buy 5 Prophet 12’s and use the rest of the money to have Hanz Zimmer give me an orchestration lesson

      1. ‘Joos’ that was epically funny. Although I do believe that Thomas is wearing a wedding band.

        Thank you for the midday laugh nevertheless.

  2. Wow. That’s such a monster, it could have been the centerpiece in “Phantom of the Paradise.” Okay, again, those of you who want a real analog polyphonic are looking at what it takes and COSTS to manage that properly. It makes modeled instruments seem a lot more attractive, doesn’t it? I feel sure you are getting $20k worth of design savvy and craftsmanship; it sounds epic. I also think a huge number will hook a Doepfer to a Korg MS-20mini for their modular fix and leave the mega-synths to the dream realm.

  3. I already have my hands full with the DSI PolyEvolver. Don’t think I can wrap my mind around all of the controls of the Schmidt synthesizer. If I was going to get into the nitty gritty on this level, I would build up a Eurorack full of modular synth units.

  4. Sounds great. I think it’s important to have monster synths if only for the sake of perspective. Hopefully it will serve as a buffer to whining about how expensive gear is, as well as serving as inspiration, since the vast majority of us will never own one.

  5. Couldn’t you build an 8-voice modular for a fraction of the cost? Figure you spend about $1k per voice?

    I mean, this thing sounds totally rad, but wow…$25k! You could have a 16-voice Oberheim for less than that.


    1. We Synth DIY’ers should unite and start working in a project like this for the fraction of the price. Unfortunately our common mistake as Synth DIYier, is that we always try and plan to do each piece alone instead of having a group of DYIers working in parallel in the different components for a synth like this. If some one is interested to work in a project like this, please send me an email and I’ll be happy to participate.

  6. Isn’t this the synthesizer that has an option to change the colour of the indicator LEDs? That’s worth the $25k alone.

  7. To my ears its sounding not dis-simillar to my Jupiter 8. I know its way more complex and capable, but the personality of the sound seems very similar, and the JP8 will cost you $5-6k. Great that he’s made it, shame very few will ever get to use it.

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