Sonivox Vocalizer Pro Vocal Production Synthesizer


Sonivox has announced Vocalizer Pro Vocal Production Synthesizer, an updated version of their Vocalizer MIDI-controlled audio effect.

Vocalizer Pro brings a harmonic/melodic voice to any audio input, thus ‘vocalizing’ the sound. Simply singing or speaking—or any type of vocalizing—can create deep and complex musical results.

In addition, Vocalizer Pro allows the creation of simple or complex vocal harmonies that can extend beyond the natural limitations of the voice. Vocalizer Pro is excellent for processing any type of percussive or melodic audio track.

Vocalizer Pro provides two rows of pads for real-time control. One row allows multiple notes or harmonies to be stacked on each pad. The other allows parameters to be switched to new values. Snapshots provide instant switching of parameter controls, which can be triggered with the pads.

For every pad, every automatable parameter can be set to a different setting. It’s almost as if every pad is a completely different patch, thus allowing you to switch instantly between different parameter settings. These pads also control the settings of the effects as well. Vocalizer Pro features also include pitch pitch-and formant formant-shifting, detailed envelope control, sync-able LFOs, and double the number of effects and filters from the original Vocalizer.

Sonivox Vocalizer Pro can be used as a standalone program or as an AU, VST, or RTAS plug-in. Vocalizer Pro is compatible with 32- or 64-bit Mac or Windows systems.

Vocalizer Pro is $149.99 at the Sonivox site.

6 thoughts on “Sonivox Vocalizer Pro Vocal Production Synthesizer

  1. Sonivox is a really suspicious company. I’d bought Twist at GC on sale about a year ago and felt completely ripped off – limited capabilites, buggy interface (library would drop in and out), no customer support whatsoever. Try looking up any legitimate reviews of the product, it’s all marketing spam.
    Here’s a vid of their sales guy “showing” the product:
    You’d be hard pressed to actually hear any of them. “Unlike other vocoders, if a person with a French accent speaks through the Vocalizer you can hear their accent…” What a load.

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