8 thoughts on “The Yamaha SY20 Analog Synthesizer

  1. Sounds very similar to the mono synth section on the Yamaha SK30 synth that I have. The aftertouch on that makes playing fun, especially when controlling cutoff. It’s a little bit of a shame that the filters on these yamaha synths don’t quite go into self oscillation

    1. Exactly what I had to say about the monosynth built into my Electone CSY-2. I believe I even mention it in the video comments.

  2. Say what you want about the relatively wimpy filters on old Yamaha analogs, but put a little reverb on them and they all sound massive.

  3. @ pittakun: thanks a lot for that hint! I did not know, that it is a japanese date. This is my video, that I have posted for our tastronauten website. I have bought this synth from a nice japanese guy, who translated the panel for me. now I know the date of production.
    @steve jesus and chiefy11: you are right, it is similar, but here you can layer two sounds, which is missing in the video. I will ad one more sounddemo on our Tastronauten website (www.tastronauten.de/YAMAHA-sy-20.html).
    @ all of you guys: thanks for your replies. I did not exept so many statements.

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