Audulus Update Lets You Modulate Anything

Developer Taylor Holliday has released an update to Audulus, his modular synth for the iPad.

The key feature of this update is the ability to modulate knobs, demonstrated with an LFO in the video above. In effect, this lets you modulate just about anything. 

Here’s what’s new in Audulus 1.10:

  • Make connections to any knob
  • Update algorithms to handle new connections
  • Support for Polyphonic Sub-Patches!
  • Fix zippering when turning knobs
  • Various other fixes

The new features are available now in the iPad version and will be coming soon to the Mac version. See the Audulus site for more details.

Audulus for iPad is available in the App Store for US $14.99.

8 thoughts on “Audulus Update Lets You Modulate Anything

    1. Hi Otto,

      To keep things simple, Audulus doesn’t have MIDI (or any event-based) connections between nodes, so it doesn’t manipulate MIDI directly. Instead, MIDI events are converted into pitch/velocity signals by the Keyboard module (conceptually equivalent to the CV/gate connections in analog synthesizers) and can be manipulated continuously from there. In the future, I’m going to add a MIDI send module so you can control other MIDI devices/software with Audulus 🙂

      If you have more questions, feel free to post here or get in touch with me via support at audulus dot com. Also, be sure to check out the Audulus forum. We’ve got amazing users and patches: 🙂

      all the best
      – Taylor (Audulus Developer)

    2. Audulus will take MIDI input from a keyboard or control surface, but if you’re looking for something to generate or manipulate MIDI, you probably want to look at something like Max or maybe Bidule.

      Audulus is more like a modular synth: it has a number of “modules” (oscillator, ADSR, Mixer, etc) that you can “patch” together to build custom synthesizer configurations or to process audio signals. It supports Audiobus on the iPad and can be used as an AU on Mac.

      Given what it can do, for the price it’s a steal. And – it’s fun. I’ve got a lot of apps and plugins, most of which i play with for an hour and then never touch it again. Audulus is one of the handful of apps that I find myself using again and again.

      Mr P

  1. It’s really great that someone is filling up the void left by the non-development of Jasuto (which still has some tricks up its sleeve that Audulus won’t do). Now that it works with audiobus it’s great way to build custom effects to use with other apps

  2. I’m pretty sure the Mac version has a sample player module … actually, the Mac version of Audulus can host AUs *and* be used as an AU itself. I confess I’m more familiar with the iPad version than the Mac version.

    Having said that, I believe that sample playback is on the “coming soon” list for the iPad version.

    BTW — The Usual Disclaimers: I’m not getting paid or getting any special treatment from Taylor for saying nice things about Audulus. I’m just a happy user.

    Mr P

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