The Yamaha CS-50 – Aftertouch

Marc Doty – the swami of synthesis – continues his series of videos, looking at the classic Yamaha CS-50 analog synthesizer.

In this episode, Doty looks at the sound and functionality of the Yamaha CS-50’s mechanical aftertouch feature. 

The Yamaha CS-50 is a vintage four-voice synth, with a 1VCO +12 dB/oct lowpass and highpass filter architecture.

For earlier episodes in Doty’s series, see his AutomaticGainsay channel on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “The Yamaha CS-50 – Aftertouch

  1. only after watching this do i finally understand what aftertouch does and how it works, immediately i went to Reason’s Thor synth and routed my Axiom controller to the following

    lfo > osc frequency > aftertouch
    aftertouch > -filter freq
    aftertouch > resonance

    so now as well as vibrato, it can cause the filter to squeel too! awesome! Comprehension!

  2. Calling Marc Doty the swami of synthesis makes me think immediately of Epstein the Swami from Rapture. “Look at the bright side. Maybe it’ll be quick and painless.” I wonder if it’s more than a passing resemblance.

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