Ableton Live 9 & Push Release Date – March 5th


Ableton has announced the release date for Live 9 and Push – March 5th:

We are excited to announce that Ableton Live 9 will be out on March 5th. Push, our first hardware instrument, can also be pre-ordered on March 5th and will be available soon at a retailer near you.

The eagerly-awaited Live 9 introduces new dimensions of creative possibilities with Session View automation, inspiring Audio to MIDI tools, curved automation envelopes, new and improved studio effects, an enhanced browser, and much more.

Here’s what’s new in Ableton Live 9:

  • Session automation
  • New browser
  • New sounds
  • New studio effects
  • You can now extract musical information from samples
  • Improved editing tools
  • Max for Live is now included in Live Suite.

See our post on the official Live 9 announcement for more details.

Here’s a demo of Live 9 with Ableton Push:

See the Ableton site for details on Live versions and pricing. Push is priced at $599 and is also available in several packages with Ableton Live.

30 thoughts on “Ableton Live 9 & Push Release Date – March 5th

  1. I dont get the “you can pre-order push on march 5th”. You could have preordered push for a while now. But this doesn’t mean it comes out on march 5th, does it?

    Anyways, cant wait!

  2. I got Push on pre-order through Guitar Center for $499 with a $100 off coupon. Not sure if the coupon code is still active but try it: SAVEUP

  3. Ok, turns out SAVEUP doesn’t work, but if you use the currently active 15% off coupon PRES15 you can get it for $509.15, which isn’t bad…

  4. 3/5 is pre-order availability through Ableton, which means owners of Live 8 will be able to order it as part of a discounted package with their Live 9 upgrade. You can pre-order from another retailer before then, but not at the discounts available to existing owners.

  5. My shop upgrade page now says $249 (down from $299) to upgrade to Suite 9 from Suite 8 “Upon release and only until March 12th”.

    Still not the cheapest upgrade but the MAX and audio to MIDI features are appealing.

  6. FINALLY!!! I only bought suite for the Live 9 upgrade + Max4live included. Suite 8 wasn’t so impressive and was beginning to wonder if Live 9 would ever be released!

  7. $249 for the upgrade from Live Suite 8 to Live Suite 9 is reasonable, but it’s not a no-brainer.
    I might hold off until Bitwig is released in the summer.
    Plus I don’t want to dip into my Prophet 12 savings fund.

    1. Crazy talk, im sorry, you can’t beat a dedicated controller for live, i got maschine its alright but the problem i keep seeing with these controllers (Maschine, MPC Renaissance, Studio) is the software, You can do a little something, but you don’t get the whole package

      Just imagine the years of experience and tweaking, Bang on work flow and a controller with more pads than you can shake a stick at.

      “Shit just got real”

      Its gonna be hard to beat! Believe!!!

  8. At $249 AU, this upgrade is a little bit rich for me 🙁
    I don’t need or want MFL and yet this upgrade, doesn’t give me an option not to pay for it…
    BTW; There is not enough here anyway to justify that hefty price – bug fixes..?
    Will stick to my Suite 8, Cubase 7 and Reason 6.5 for a time being 😉

  9. I sold my Launchpad and am now using Livecontrol on an iPad (which is basically a touchOSC+an app on the mac that translated osc to something Live understands).
    So far it’s working ok, it’s got the one advantage that since it’s touchOSC you can adapt it to your needs somehow. But I’m still looking forward to Push for several reasons:

    First of all nothing beats a physical controller, touch screens are nice but you need to look at the screen all the time to touch the right control.

    Wireless midi is unreliable (sometimes connection breaks) and I have to setup the connection every time more or less from scratch, also the steps I need to perform in order to get everything ready to play are a lot (and you need to perform them in the right order), no plug and play! Sometimes I’d want to switch on laptop, lauch live and start pushing buttons!

    The touch screen can’t determine velocity

    I can either use the iPas as a controller or as an instrument, doing both things at the same time is possible but not practical, and has some limitations. Also I prefer to use the iPad as a looper device. Loopy is somehow better for me than the live looper device.

    Push seems to do much more than Livecontrol, and there’s a couple of really nifty features!

    So for these reasons and some others I won’t bore you with I think I might consider the (not so easy) pricetag of this new blinkenlight show controller!

  10. In case anyone from Ableton is listening – Hey guys I bought every one of your upgrades since Live 1.0. I upgraded to Suite eventually and I bought Max for Live a couple of years ago for 300. I got a lot of use out of Live and still use it. There have been a lot of interesting developments in computer music over the past three years and you have not been a part of it. For some reason you stopped doing anything innovative for a lengthy period of time and the world moved on. I can now get a lot of great new tools for a fraction of what I had become accustomed to paying within your ecosystem. I can’t justify spending 300. for a marginal upgrade which includes a product that I already purchased as a major selling point. If you want to entice your longtime customers, you really should make that part an option.

  11. @ableton_david – Ok you’ve dropped the price by a hundred bucks since I last checked the upgrade price, so maybe someone at Ableton is starting to figure this out. Even at 200. I’m not sure its that much of an improvement over what I have now, I’ll have to think about that. But to offer Max for Live, that many of us bought for 300. as the main feature does nothing to generate good will, unless you can offer something new. There are no new Ableton instruments at all after three years? Maybe a couple new effects and some sounds… seems like you’re on cruise control these days.

    1. I’d consider the pitch to midi feature a new instrument. That’s going to open up some fantastic creative opportunities. Also, Max for Live is going to spawn craptons of cool new little gizmos you will want.

  12. OK Im not sure what is going on with my pricing when I log into the website. Basically I bought the Ableton 8 Standard with free upgrade to Live 9 Standard. When I log into the website it says my pricing is 513 GBP for Push + Live 9 Standard…But I already own Live 9 Standard lol. So its 513 GBP for just Push? That can’t be right.

    How much should it be for me to get Push from the Ableton store considering I already own Live 9 Standard??

    Im confuzzled

  13. One infuriatingly stupid thing about Ableton that has bothered me for years is their practice not announcing or posting upgrade pricing and instead hiding it behind a per-user login wall.

    One can only assume that they are afraid that customers and potential customers would get angry and be less likely to buy Live if they knew the actual upgrade pricing or found out how much other customers were being charged.

  14. Though as bad as Ableton is, at least they haven’t gone down the road to hell with Propellerheads and their dongle / connected internet login requirement (combined with the inability to save user name or password, a nice daily reminder of the utter contempt they have for their customers.)

    Have I mentioned that Logic is $200 for the whole thing ? Though who knows if/when it will be upgraded and what the pricing will be…

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