Delptronics Trigger Sequencer Sneak Preview

This is a preview of the new trigger sequencer Eurorack module from Delptronics, which debuted at NAMM 2013.

The Delptronics Trigger Sequencer is a compact 8 HP wide module. There are 8 trigger outputs and each pattern consists of 8 steps per output. It has 8 pattern memories, which can be played back in any order and combined into chains of up to 100 steps.

The Delptronics Trigger Sequencer features a pattern editing interface that lets you create patterns using just two knobs.

See the Delptronics site for more info.

6 thoughts on “Delptronics Trigger Sequencer Sneak Preview

    1. Watch the video and you’ll discover that the Delptronics sequencer is very different from Mutable’s copy of a Roland step sequencer. I had a quick demo at NAMM and it’s a clever and novel piece of gear.

  1. Shifting is but one equivalence that can be applied to rhythmic patterns. I’d like to see this augmented with mirroring for instance. It’s a clever design and very natural once you accept the fact that you do not have direct control over the individual steps anymore.

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