Pro Chords 2 Adds MIDI Features


Developer Groundcontrol ApS has released an update to Pro Chords – a music composition tool based on pattern recognition.

ProChords offers songwriters chord suggestions based on pattern recognition. The app scans more than 12.000 songs to find similarities with the chord progression you are working on

Here’s what’s new in Pro Chords 2.0:

  • MIDI WiFi (ProChords to Mac or PC via rtpMIDI)
  • Virtual MIDI (ProChords to other Apps)
  • New look and feel

Pro Chords is available for $8.99 in the App Store.

5 thoughts on “Pro Chords 2 Adds MIDI Features

    1. How do you use this in your workflow?

      Is this basically a brainstorming tool or do you use this to creat progressions for other apps?

  1. I use it to control synths in Ableton Live. Mainly using to build chord progressions. I then take those chords and break them down into other synths to build other parts of the song bass lines and other added melodies. Works great. There is a bit of lag since its not as quick as connecting it with wifi cables, but to get your basic chords down its AMAZING!

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