Modular Synths With Benge

This video, via FutureMusicMagazine, takes a look at MemeTune Studios, the home of Ben Edwards, aka Benge:

We interview the man of many modules about his studio and amazing synth collection. See a very special studio in North London and one of the finest collections of synths in the world. Home to producer and musician Benge, MemeTune Studios is wall-to-wall synth magic, featuring some of the rarest and most impressive synths ever made.

Edwards is a member, co-writer and producer with John Foxx & The Maths and has a series of solo albums. He blogs at It’s Full Of Stars.

7 thoughts on “Modular Synths With Benge

    1. This was an interview, not a demo & and your phone obviously does not have the hands-on knobby interface that appeals to a lot of people.

      PS: If you’re going to compare what you can do with your phone to what a pro can do with a collection of analog gear, backing up your statement with a link to one of your tracks might make you look a little less like a troll.

  1. google birds chirping. listen to a few examples. go out side – go to the nearest forest/nature dense area. notice a difference?

  2. How come every time we see someone with a modular they just play some crappy arpeggio with a filter sweep or just a bunch of bleepy madness. I’d really like to see some videos of guys playing some complete songs to really demonstrate how these amazing machines can be used in a more musical manner.

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