15 thoughts on “New Daft Punk Teaser

  1. I was just watching last nights SNL, and while fast forwarding through commercials I saw the robot heads. I had to back up, and watched the whole thing kind of awed that a teaser like this would be on TV, for Daft Punk! No URLs, no #hashtags, or even a release date, but they paid good money to show the logo in funky-80s-stylized electric lights.

  2. They’ve been working with former chic member Nile Rodgers, and they’ve sampled Georgio Moroder for a narrative vocal track. Their album discovery was derived from many samples of dance music from their childhood, I’m banking that they are actually writing a disco/funk album themselves, and then ‘daft-ifying’ it, perhaps by even sampling their own live disco music?! Either way this is amazing news!

    1. All’s I will say on the matter is this: pop/ dance/electronica just haven’t been as fun to me since Daft Punk went on their hiatus. And yes Abdul, I’m especially including you in this assessment cause your new “emo-glitch” 12 inch is shit

      1. i dont have an “emo-glitch” 12 inch…

        perhaps you should lay off the crack/meth/krokodil for a bit – it may help you lose some of those paranoid delusions that plague your diseased mind

    1. dude I think you are wrong. so, for instace, people cant play with the same synthesizer? Masks are just some sort of clothing. I know a lot of people playing with masks

      I wish myself playing with some sort of mask, so I could hide my identity for known haters. I bet my project could prosper faster (personal experience)

      1. dude, do it! your moniker is enough ground to build a cool mask on. Dub Monkey. Think of the possibilities. A dreadhead-gorilla mask? Or a metal monkey head with flashlights. I got enough ideas for something like that…

      2. the whole deadmau5 packaging just seems like a blatant nod in the direction of Daft Punk. I mean, the dude wasn’t even producing house/dance music until he jumped on the bandwagon of it’s current popularity. I have 12″ Roule releases that are clearly underground house/electro that probably never made Bangalter much money, but for sure he was putting out what he liked… not what the market demanded

  3. “Daft Punk SNL…” This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by IFPI.

    Am I the only one seeing this?

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