Ableton Live 9 Now Available, Push Available For Pre-Order

Ableton Live 9

Ableton Live 9 is now available, for Mac & Windows. In addition, Ableton Push is now available for pre-order.

Updates in Ableton Live 9 include:

  • Session automation
  • New browser
  • New sounds
  • New studio effects
  • You can now extract musical information from samples
  • Improved editing tools
  • Max for Live is now included in Live Suite.

Here’s an overview of what’s new in Live 9:

These features are common to all versions of Ableton Live 9:

  • Unique Session View for quick, intuitive composition, flexible performance and improvisation
  • Multitrack recording up to 32-bit/192 kHz
  • Nondestructive editing with unlimited undo
  • Powerful MIDI sequencing of software and hardware instruments
  • Advanced warping and real-time time-stretching
  • Unlimited Instruments, Audio effects and MIDI effects per project
  • Group tracks
  • VST and Audio Unit support
  • Time signature changes
  • Multiple automation lanes
  • Track Freeze
  • Automatic plug-in delay compensation
  • MIDI remote control instant mapping
  • MIDI output to hardware synths
  • MIDI Clock/sync
  • ReWire
  • Multicore/multiprocessor support
  • WAV, AIFF, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC file support

Ableton Live 9 is available to purchase for $99 USD / 79 EUR (Live 9 Intro download version), $449 USD / 349 EUR (Live 9 Standard download version) and $749 USD / 599 EUR (Live 9 Suite download version). See the Ableton site for upgrade pricing.

Upgrades to Live 9 Standard / Live 9 Suite vary in price depending on the Ableton products you already own.

32 thoughts on “Ableton Live 9 Now Available, Push Available For Pre-Order

  1. Downloading my copy now. Who here is getting a Push controller? Anyone going to be posting a review anywhere. I’m interested in buying one, but I’m quite sure I won’t have the opportunity to play with one where I live so I’ll have to read people’s opinions. I bought a non-functioning Launchpad (new) which I angrily returned, then talked myself out of buying a controller altogether, but they just make the pictures look so appealing. I think it’s those damned blue LEDs.

  2. I just got off the phone with Citibank (to reassure them that it IS, in fact, ME making the purchase), who told me that they’re seeing a lot of fraudulent credit card traffic toward Ableton right now. It seems that they’re stopping any cards that show a small transaction (e.g., an iTunes purchase), followed by a purchase attempt with Ableton. Now, this isn’t the “company line,” but it’s an interesting tidbit from the customer service rep who authorized my purchase.

    1. I had a similar problem. I purchased live 9 a few days after they announced it. My bank gave me a call and said they detected suspicious activity and required me to approve the transaction. You think with a company like ableton they’d have a more legitimate method of charging people, as I’ve dealt with other overseas sellers that were way sketchier without any issues.

  3. I guess I’ll be upgrading soon too! But am I the only one who thinks this feels more like Live 8.5 than Live 9? I mean, most of the new features are more long due improvements (like the new browser, or the new MIDI features)… still worth the upgrade, don’t get me wrong, but I was actually expecting a little bit more from this.
    I like the new color scheme though 😀

  4. Am I the only one feeling this should have been called Live 8.5 instead of 9? Many features are more long due improvements to the current software than really new ones. I will upgrade anyway, and I also think that it’s probably worth the money… but I was expecting a little bit more.

  5. I’m underwhelmed by Live 9, but Push looks nice.

    When Live 9 was announced, it seemed like a competent update but not a visionary one. It does not deliver on many users wish list, but is more of an incremental update.

    Bitwig, on the other hand, impresses me with the thought put into doing new things.

    The long delays with Live and the Bitwig announcement make it seem like Ableton lost its best developers when the Bitwig people left a few years ago. As a result, Ableton is pushing out a relatively minor update, while Bitwig looks to be truly next generation.

    At this point, I’m holding off until the Bitwig release this summer. If they offer a cross grade offer, they’re getting my money.

    Anybody else waiting for Bitwig?

    1. Yes, because Bitwig, who apparently announced a public beta of sorts about FOURTEEN months ago, are really pushing the concept of releasing things on time. That is, they haven’t released anything at all.

      Don’t hold your breath and all that.

      (I agree, though, that Live 9 is more of a Live 8.5. Way too many features missing in the DAW (still), and it seems what they are really selling here is the Push, and not Live by itself.)

      1. Olgi

        Just because they haven’t shipped on YOUR schedule doesn’t mean they are “pushing the concept of releasing things on time”.

        They have not announced a release date, other than to say they expect to release it this summer.

  6. Really nice version, many updates i waited for.

    -bezierstyle curves
    -new browser
    -m4l included

    cant wait to download it, have it bought the first week when they announced it 🙂 (Yes i am one of the lucky one which got a really really cheap upgrade price path 😉 )

    I hope my PUSH arrives soon.

    I cant (bit)wait anymore. 😛

  7. I love ableton and I will probably get this update, but without playlist I still need to track live instruments in another DAW. It’s such a huge time suck to go back and forth between the two. I was really hoping 9 would have this like 8 had cross fades. Am I the only one missing this pro DAW feature?

    That said push looks awesome , and I would love to get my hands on it.

  8. Is there a compelling case to be made that someone who already owns a Maschine and an APC-40 that the Push would be a useful piece of equipment. I love gear to death but I’m afraid I’d find the Push to be really a Mascine plus a larger button based keyboard. I can already chord nicely on a piano.

    What advantages does the push offer over my current Maschine + APC-40 setup?

      1. It would be nice to work off of drum racks again and be able to edit the midi right in Ableton as opposed to my current method which is to break out my maschine kick, snare & hats onto separate input channels on Ableton so I can record the audio and mix it later. THAT is a pain in the butt and I want separate EQs for each drum part and the Mashine included eq isn’t really doing it for me.

        Other than that I’m failing to see what any additional advantages Push offers up, but then again I don’t know everything about Push yet.


  9. My preorder confirmation of Push on my account page just went from 2-4 weeks shipping, to 12-16 weeks shipping!

    Whereas says they have them in stock to ship now :-/

    1. Me too… I just ordered and both the order page as well as the invoice state 2-4 weeks, but now my account page shows the same 12-16 weeks.

      I just sent them a message I want my money back – I don’t agree with this way of doing business, so I’ll take my money elsewhere.



  11. I don’t know what it is with you guys thinking it’s more of an 8.5 release. They did a lot of new stuff to this update. Or didn’t you catch the videos showing all the new intuitive music making capabilities? I personally can’t wait to get it into my computer and begin making music the best way I know how to. This is about as close to being able to make music directly out of your brain as it gets right now.

  12. I’ve more or less have ditched Live for Logic. The only thing I use it for is M4L and the Sample Logic packs I’ve bought. Even then I just rewire it. I’m going to crossgrade to Max/MSP and when my gravy train arrives, I’ll get NI Komplete and splurge on SL’s Morphestra. Logic just fits my style and workflow better than Live does. Put your money where your inspiration is, I guess.

  13. scroll wheel ? hold shift, works fine. combo with cmd to zoom – am i mis under standing that? as far as push goes, you guys missed out on the 1st batch and your PRE order was pushed back ( no pun intended 😛 ) supply and demand, and boy is there alot of demand. its a preorder, not a purchase+shipment, they are not for sale yet (technically). ‘buying’ from an outside retailer? check the fourms on that idea, they havent confirmed anything to retailers who are blindly taking money (some are even claiming “in stock….”) . the gripe about machine? get an mpd, its not a lie. its a controller. works in any daw like any controller should. if theres no audio outputs, its a controller. did not like NI’s approach to marketing the machine, and what it actually does (or better yet, just wont). push vs machine? sequencing, visual midi clip editing, navigation…. automap with text feedback… and no need to map a damn thing. ever. plenty of vids out now to see the vast differences. and to the above? reddit? where is he supposedly getting these numerous user reports on the day the program goes live? its launchday, hadur there will be bugs, but moving past that that looks like one butthurt individual doing alot of complaining. maybe he ordered push from a un-authorized retailer….

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