New Devices For Tabletop

Retronyms has introduced three new devices for Tabletop, its virtual studio for iPad.

Here are the details:

  • Deadbeat: Beat Dropper, Sound Mangler – An expressive surface that uses the accelerometer to stutter and filter the beat.  $3.99
  • Boomroom – The Boomroom is a high quality reverb with ‘mind-blowing visuals’. ‘Pinch to boom’ and create massive, cavernous sounds. $8.99
  • Cueboard: Beat Juggler – Resample, chop, and juggle your session. $2.99

Tabletop is a free download in the App Store. Devices are available as in-app purchases.

17 thoughts on “New Devices For Tabletop

  1. You don’t seem to realise that you are not their customers… I mean, you are complaining about an iMPC feature you would like in a Tabletop article, why not ask Akai about this?



    1. Everyone knows you are a real musician when you have the ability to call out fake musicians on a synthesizer blog. Good job!

    2. You DO realize that this is a music-technology related blog, right?

      If you can’t stand devices that simplify music creation, then I don’t see the point in reading articles here…

    3. You really should stay in the real world and play real music with real people using real instruments…

      if you’re real, that is! 😉

  3. He couldn’t just call the “Boom” parameter a reverb? And as pretty as it is, why is my reverb unit wasting precious power on arbitrary visualizers?

    Everything else looks pretty slick. I like you guys more and more… IAPs do kinda hurt when they pile up like this. I’d really like to see multiple tables before downloading any more instruments.

    and audiobus. <—-obligatory mention

  4. On one hand I really loathe Retronyms’ nickel-and-diming purchase model, which is why I never use Tabletop.

    On the other hand, these devices are a lot cheaper than Rack Extensions for Reason, and there’s no dongle requirement.

    On the third hand, I have lots of other iOS apps that sound great, don’t annoy me, and support MIDI/ACP/AudioBus, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on much.

  5. I don’t mind a IAP here and there. The way I see it, once iConnectMIDI4+ is here, I’ll be able to stream some wild sh*t from TT over to Ableton, Renoise, Maschine sampler, etc via audio pass-through, making the value of this and the rest of my app purchases increase. Plus, those purchases help the devs keep moving forward.

    Besides, I usually grab these devices while on sale.

  6. I was about to make another exasperated comment about semi-musicians who just stitch clips together, but I then thought, “That’s what I do in Logic all the time.” I play 90% of it by hand because I started with piano, but the process of musical judgement and assembly is generally the same. I saw a guy BURNING on an MPC in real-time a while back. That’s what I’d like to see just a little more often. Even when I’ve played live over my more complex sequences, I made sure to do a couple of meaty things in real-time with no net, so it was clear fakery wasn’t part of the deal. It lends you a lot of cred that makes your exotic synth tricks and serious drumbox madness feel more… okay, somehow. Work on showing at least a bit of live chops. I think it makes anyone’s results feel more complete. Duz that make sense without sounding all pissy? Hope so!

  7. dat BOOM.ROOM thing actually sounds pretty amazing together with iMini , TABLETOP for sure kicks ass .. even without audiobus .. : )

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