Loopseque Update Adds Audiobus

loopsequeSoftware sampler & sequencer Loopseque has been updated with Audiobus support.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use sequencer.
  • Sample editor, uploader & browser.
  • Onboard Samples library.
  • Audio effects.
  • Live track recording & loop bouncing.
  • SoundCloud sharing.
  • Project sharing via e-mail.
  • 22 professionally designed electronic sample sets.
  • 14 original project presets.
  • Loopseque Store with new projects and tracks by talented artists.
  • Dropbox Sync and iTunes File Sharing for your own sounds.
  • Audio copy/paste (General Pasteboard with import and export).
  • WIST support for syncing with other iOS music apps.
  • Audiobus support.
  • Master Classes & Tutorials.


  • MIDI-out: Clock, Events, CC, Latency.
  • MIDI-in: Clock.
  • MIDI note for each circle: channel, velocity, volume, root key.
  • Attack, Release, Start and Length for each note.
  • Chord maker presets.
  • 4 pads for X/Y parameters, 2 sliders and 8 buttons.

Technical Details:

  • 32 bit internal audio engine.
  • 32-step circle sequencer.
  • 4×4 channels of audio tracks.
  • 9 patterns per channel.
  • Volume control for each channel.
  • Tap tempo & cue sync.
  • Swing enhance.
  • Cross-project sample set transfer.
  • Simple FX set: Filter (LP & HP mode in one amazing control), Beat Repeater with automatic quantize, Reverb.
  • Extra FX set: Delay (two modes: stereo and mono), Filter (LP, HP) with LFO, new Reverb and Repeater with reverse mode and manual quantize).
  • All FXs can be assigned to each of 4 channels (one-button extra fast routing).
  • Background audio.
  • Retina Display.
  • OMAC support.

Loopseque is US $5.99 in the App Store.

11 thoughts on “Loopseque Update Adds Audiobus

  1. This app has always been a lot of fun, but now it’s also easy to integrate with other apps, or your desktop setup; It’s very powerful, and well thought out.

    The developers should be very proud of all their hard work.
    Hopefully the same features will come to the mini version, in the future – although after the devs have had a holiday!

  2. Agreed totally, this has now become my “go to app” for real mobile.music making tool, i just finished a series of improvisations in the park , on the train and sat on my bed. Its great.

    my only hope for improvement would be the ability to quickly copy what you have saved on one circle and copy it into the next without stopping the performance.

    at the moment I have to always start from a blank “radar” which can be less musical than “evolutions on a central theme”

  3. I maybe misunderstanding your copy/paste issue, but if you go into the ‘small wheel’ screen, you can copy the wheel that’s playing, and paste it onto any of the wheels above or below, by pressing and holding and you get the copy/paste dialog.
    I don’t know if that’s what you meant.

  4. I’d like to have some larger area for the effects and a landscape mode, as well as a play/stop button at the top of every page.

    As clean and simple as it is i’d like to see it even cleaner and more intuitive.

  5. Just give us a little more time ))
    We will release a new version of Loopseque Mini with MIDI and Audiobus support… etc.
    And then we will surprise you with brand new concept of the Loopseque music sequencer.

  6. it looks pretty slick, but can you only input 4 notes for a synth part? how does playing a scale work?

    1. Naturally, the Loopseque interface is designed for percussion patterns. But for MIDI we made special section which allows to use up to 5 notes in a circle, so you can play with a variety of chords and harmonies.

  7. One workaround could be to use three of the wheels to load your own tuned samples in, to give you one octave – there is also tuning of the in built samples, but that’s not always pitch perfect, as they’re sampled at different pitches already.
    I use Audiobus and Loopy HD, MIDI clocked, to get something sketched out and then import into my desktop DAW for some real time noodling – or you could do it all on the one device; iOS could be a one device solution, if you wanna do it that way – there are enough pro level apps to do it now.

    Can’t wait to see what you guys at Casual Underground Lab have in store for us! – although I’m super happy to wait for however long it takes; excellence is always worth waiting for 🙂

  8. Yeah, or you could do that! Personally, I’d follow the advice from the developers of the app! Lol.

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