Original Serge Module Designs As Eurorack Modules


Gur Milstein of Tip Top Audio has announced that he is working with pioneering synth designer Serge Tcherepnin on a new line of Serge modules in Eurorack format.

The project is still in its early stages, but he Milstein shared this update on it:

I have been talking to Serge for sometime now about making the Serge system in eurorack. It all started when I introduce him to our Stackcables, he loved it and said that very few people are aware of how shielded patchcords would enhance modules such as the Serge VCFs, VCAs, Ring Mod, which are already ultra low noise.

He continued by saying that with shielded patchords, the modules will attain studio quality performance. I guess that from that point it was obvious, we are going to start a new Serge system in the best format in town, eurocrack.

 Here are the details:

All modules will feature:

  • Original Serge designs
  • Serge color coded jacks
  • Serge original fonts and graphics, work flow

“In other words,” adds Milstein, “The whole Serge experience. Those who have/had a Serge know what i’m talking about.”

Initial modules planned include:

  • The Smooth and Stepped Generator (SSG) with added randomization;
  • The Dual Slope Generator (DUSG); and
  • The Wilson Analog Delay (WAD).

“The fact that we are going to design all these from scratch give us the option to add features,” notes Milstein, “but it is totally up to Serge to decide that. It is going to be his system and his ideas.”

The Serge synthesizer (aka Serge Modular or Serge Modular Music System) was developed by Tcherepnin at CalArts in the 1970.

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