AmpliTube, Addictive Synth, EPS Get AudioBus Updates

audiobus-amplitubeSeveral music apps have been updated to add AudioBus support:

14 thoughts on “AmpliTube, Addictive Synth, EPS Get AudioBus Updates

  1. Surely these three things deserved their own stories…Addictive seems to have a whole STACK of new stuff going on, not just the audiobus.

    can anyone who already owns this confirm if midi sync accepts INCOMING midi clock before my wallet runs away with me?



    1. indeed. new stuff for addictive.

      i’ll have to look if it’s the same (not on the list of changes), but i wish they’d change their preset library protocol. having to wade through all of their presets to get to mine is annoying . . .

      1. p.s.

        the new fm options are *extremely cool* . . . lots in there sonically.

        still, i hope they deal with a better file management system at some point (do you the devs read this?). it seems a little counter-intuitive to me and it would be great to have banks where one could organize one’s presets.

        but, nice update.

    2. And if we ran three ‘updated for Audiobus’ stories, we’d get those suggestions to change the site name to apptopia!

  2. Just got official word from the Dev:

    with this update it will sync regarding the tempo, but will not start/stop with the corresponding Start/Stop MIDI messages.
    This may come with another update…

    Think I am gonna get in on Addictive whilst its cheap and hope they include start and stop messages…that would make this like a proper jam looper πŸ™‚

  3. Finally Audiobus for Addictive synth πŸ™‚
    A question. Animoog just updated, and at the same time the promotonal period for the 4track is finished. Now we can either register to get it for free, or buy it in-app store. BUT when I try to register inside Animmoog, it wont let me write the country code. And seeing as all fields are required, I am stuck. Does anyone have a solution? Anyone seen anywhere if this is a bugg soon to be fixed? Cant fin info nowhere.

  4. I bit the bullet and bought Addictive, I seem to have an issue though…I can’t see where in the menu system you set to derive the tempo from incoming midi..infact, under midi I don’t see any options at all appart from a global MIDI channel. odd.

    I have contacted the DEVs but if anyone can shout me a quick idea of where to get this set up , i would be stoked.


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