Native Helios Ray Brings ‘Eclectic Leftfield Beats’ To Maschine, iMaschine

HELIOS_RAY_00_introNative Instruments has released Helios Ray – a new expansion pack, for Maschine, Maschine Mikro and iMaschine.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Helios Ray contains three styles of drum kits.

  • The Vinyl Kits represent “a crate digger’s paradise” – hip-hop sampled from dusty grooves, with vinyl kicks, finger snaps, shakers, vocal samples, claps, snares, crackle and record stops.
  • The Digital Kits feature Brazilian and Latin percussion such as shakers, bongos and congas, as well as basses.
  • The Analog Kits represent the “switched-on” side, drums and percussion with ‘the gritty bite of hardware’.

Here’s what else they have to say about it:

Helios Ray also includes 10 Melodic Kits for adding a specific vibe or texture to your productions. Recorded at the world-renowned Bell Sound in LA, the jazz guitar was played exclusively for this expansion, with atmospheric chords, one shots and licks all ready to go.

For even more melodic impact, the Expansion features chords and one-shots from a vintage Rhodes piano. Set to trigger in choke mode, it’s a breeze to jam melodic flourishes, soulful stabs and deep, jazzy embellishments.

Additional Massive presets provide modulated filtered and funky saw-tooth basses, ambient pads, skewed poly-synth leads and eclectic sound effects – representing the ambient, glitchy, and bit-crushed sound of modern, forward-thinking productions.

Helios Ray is available now for $49 USD / 49 EUR. See the Native Instruments site for details.

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