52 thoughts on “The Korg MS-20 Mini Filters

    1. That’s really not cool to say. Especially when Marc posts here. And on the contrary, a lot of people do care about all of the cool new synths coming out (and old ones too). You don’t have to watch the video if you don’t like synths, and you dont have to be a jerk either.

    2. Bullshit. Analog is the happening thing right now. Where have you been hanging around lately. Plus: Marc is a nice guy and he sure knows his shit.

      1. You are all right. It was rude and perhaps not even justified. I was merely expressing my disdain for all things retro. I love analogue sound and I love VA hardware synths. I am just not into old designs. So there there, my apologies to Marc.

        Yet I still contend he is stuck in the past. Yet that is an opinion.

    3. Yeah I guess its because so few people care about him that every large synth companies like Moog and Korg are hiring him to demo their products.

    4. wow forty people disagree with you. and as usual you have only one. it’s in your Cavour. yet you still jump on every MS-20 post to vent your anger.

      people have calmly and rationally explained their opinions to you, such as why analog is not a waste of time, yet you still insist that you’re right, everyone else is wrong, and insist on writing as though you speak for everyone.

      your behaviour is very confusing. either you’re very young, or there’s stuff going on in your life to make you very impatient with the world and this is where you’re venting it.

      it’s clearly not appreciated. sort yourself out before coming back to the NEXT MS-20 post.

      1. No Lu, nothing impatient about me, I simply disagree. And I don’t think I have posted about Marc previously. And I have apologised to him for making light of his demos. It was meant in humour. Does not change the fact that I think he is living in the past. And for he rest of the dinosaurs who are living in nostalgia.

        That is my opinion. And for the record I can run circles around you and your knowledge of Analongue, DSP, FFT, you name it. Marc, I respect his knowledge. And passionately disagree with on his perceived limits of digital signal processing. Period.

        1. I never said I knew much about analogue or digital music. But then I don’t go around complaining at people for wanting to do things differently to me, or telling them they’re all stuck in the past like old farts for not wanting something I want.

          Thank god people do things differently, that’s what makes music so interesting, personally I’m sick to death of cookie cutter electronic music, so I mix up a lot of live recording of physical instruments and vocals, and therefore a lot of different physical synths, my favourite electronic band is Add N To X. But this is only one aspect of how I see music. Artists like autechre, fennesz, dntel also live in my record collection. As do many more guitar bands.

          I don’t understand why you see it as a competition, who knows more, who makes the best choices. Live and let live. You get around a bit you start to realise there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

        2. Oh, and yes, you have posted to pretty much every post about the MS-20 and you have stated you think Marc is wasting your time focusing on these synths. If you’re going to troll, you should take more note of what you’re saying and who you’re saying it as, since the admins have made it clear that you’re pretending to be multiple people in these conversations.

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  1. @Axial , That is so rude and unproductive. Just because you and some small minority don’t care, please refrain from speaking for all of us. When you say “no one cares” you are putting words in my mouth and I don’t appreciate it. Maybe no one ever taught you to say nothing if you have nothing nice to say, but it’s never too late to learn.

  2. Enjoying this in-depth overview of the MS-20 Mini. The MS-20 is one of the classic synths that I’ve never had the good fortune of playing, so this is helping understand why some people revere it.

  3. I, for one, find this much more exciting than the latest incremental update/iOS app/colour scheme…

    1. If analog synths were developing as fast as iOS apps, there’d be much bigger news than a re-release of a 35 year old synth design.

      1. If building a physical product were as simple as writing a bit of code I imagine there would be more parity. As things stand, production or hard goods is a little more time consuming and costly than typing is, but if one wishes hard enough, maybe that can change.

        1. Thanks for the reasoned response.

          I’ve got nothing against the MS-20 Mini, but It represents innovation in marketing, not synth design. Korg figured out the price point they needed to be at and then they cut corners to get there.

          I’d like to see an affordable analog with filters as powerful as Sunrizer, or with a keyboard as unique as Animoog!

    1. Marc did much the same series of videos on the original MS-20. If you head over to his Youtube channel, you’ll find two excellent videos dedicated to the workings of the patch bay.

    1. I’d like to see that, too. Complete with “I don’t know how this works, but it sounds good to me, listen to this thick sound when I flick the switch on and back off again, classic!” Actually, someone should do a parody, that would be hilarious!

  4. this thing just might out-sell the Micro-Korg this year. my gear is getting
    more nervous than zebras with a hungry lion around. time to thin the herd to make room for the MS-20.

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    1. He doesn’t, he reviews them because he loves synths, and guess what, if you use your ears you can actually hear how great these analog synths are.

        1. Swelling of your joints shouldn’t effect your hearing, although you’ll have lost some higher frequencies if your over 35. Give it a try.

          1. i said brursitis, not bursitis. i have burrs in my ears. not something i’d wish on anyone. i might need to get a hearing aid, which i suppose would be cool because i’d have genuine anouloge hearing!

            1. There is no such disease as ‘bRursitis.’ I even checked with my sister, who’s a speech and language therapist. Even if you did have such a disease, that has nothing to do with your unfounded claim that synth companies are paying for these reviews. Go troll somewhere else.

  6. Right, Marc is demoing well for Korg, Moog, Arturia…..love all the videos…..he does a great job at bringing forth the Retro…

    I like the current Analog stuff to…I have a large setup….

    A few months ago I bought myself bought two of the MiniBrutes, and now am waiting for two of the MS-20 Mini’s……..

    Everyone has opinnions….too bad some cannot express themselves well…..

  7. What a weird thread.

    Just want to say thanks to Marc and everyone else that takes time to enrich our community with videos such as these. Also, I’m not sure why people think it’s an insult to say someone is making money (even though Marc says he doesn’t) on something one puts effort into.

    I say more power to you, if you have the knowledge to be useful, and the insight to market yourself in such a way.

  8. I really like Marc’s videos and bought my first synth as a result of his in depth review of the Minibrute.
    And yes, I am a very happy Minibrute owner.

    Thanks Marc!

  9. It seems to me that this place has hit that critical mass where almost every single post gets a bunch of trolling and negativity for no real reason.

    1. I think the door is analogue too. Great video by the way! I think Marc does a great job of trying to do a overview of this synth while at the same time focus on the distinctive character of this old squeeler. I can’t wait for it to come out because I always regretted selling my MS20…

  10. Maybe I’m off base, but what I see with this device is a fantastic, affordable teaching tool.
    Can you imagine this in a music class at school! No banks and banks of presets, any sound would have to be built from the ground up. The direct tactile control over each element (no menu diving to distract you). A format that fosters creativity, imagination and “happy” accidents. A great way to learn the fundamentals of synthesis in an instantly gratifying way. Fundamentals that can be transferred to other synth architectures and technologies. I wish I would have had access to an affordable synth like this when I was growing up. My 2ยข

    1. Next up, a remake of the classroom MS-20, and it will be 860% of the size. It has a built in 500 watt amp, so not only can the whole class hear, all of the other classes can hear too. The keyboard will be so large that they have to get the football team to operate it too.Don’t even get me started on the 1′ patch cables.

  11. Is it and ad, is it a demo? No, it is both! Those marketing geniuses at work just figured out how to captivate their audiences. No if only they made featured films about how good coca cola tastes and how affordable it is in 2013, more than water!

    Disclaimer:i have already pre ordered an ms20.

  12. No, he was right. I am “stuck in the past.” And why? Because if you go back far enough in the past, it was a time when synthesizers were for authoring timbre, and NOT for “making sounds in my favorite genre: [x].” So, yeah. In my videos, I try to reframe perception. I try to bring us back to the point where we look at these devices and say “how can I create an expressive sound… a sound that defines my expressive intention… with this functionality and sound?” So, yeah. Definitely retro. I want you all to be Wendy Carlos, where you envision the sound you want, and have the functional knowledge to achieve it.

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