Daft Punk Sing ‘We’re Up A Mexican Monkey’, From Random Access Memories

We’ll be the first to admit that ‘We’re up a Mexican Monkey’ may not be the actual lyrics to the upcoming Daft Punk single.

Until they release the real titles for their new LP, Random Access Memories, though, it’s We’re up a Mexican Monkey to us.

Daft Punk is the French duo of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter.

Random Access Memories is due out May 21. It’s available for pre-order in iTunes and on Amazon.

58 thoughts on “Daft Punk Sing ‘We’re Up A Mexican Monkey’, From Random Access Memories

    1. “I’m up all night with my chums, I’m up all night to eat plums, I’m up all night popping tums, I’m up all night in the kitchen” – now THOSE are lyrics!

  1. I’ve never been a fan of Daft Punk but, why does this sound like the music they play at my dentist’s waiting room?

    1. You must have a funky dentist. Whenever I go in a dentist office they’re usually playing some bland shit like Brian Eno.

  2. How is it that none of you can hear they’re saying, “We’re up all night to get lucky”? No, seriously: what the HELL.

    1. If it is, it’s sad. At this point, any lyric with “up all night” could be replaced with a reading from a phone book and still be more original.

      I’m with the monkey.

      1. I don’t know why people think electronic music and/or club music can’t have strong lyrical content, or that repetition of a phrase can’t induce introspection on the part of the listener…think “To Be Free” by Dave Aju for example…

        But the OP wasn’t even making an aesthetic judgement, just pointing out that Daft Punk tends to take short vocal loops and repeat them until they become “objects” rather than “text”.

  3. I’d prefer the Mexican monkey to being up all night chasing tail if that’s the soundtrack. Actually, I kind of like the voice treatment, so its not that they have no production chops. I just prefer both cereal and music that don’t turn into a quicksand of sugar the minute the milk hits it.

  4. How is it that none of you can hear that they’re saying, “We’re up a Mexican Monkey”? No, seriously: what the HELL.

    1. I agree with you 100%. I just runied this song for my co-worker cause now thats all she can hear.

  5. I slow down the song, and the “mexican” starts with L so is not a mexican word,

    and find some “open legs” and “I” “can” the others are “funky” and “lucky”

    no exist any word like “where up”

  6. Some lines say ‘up all night to get lucky’ and sometimes ‘Mexican lucky’ is substituted. I presume it’s a drug reference.

    The lyrics of the song at that part you are refering to are “We’re Up All Night To Get Lucky”

    Les paroles de la chanson à cette partie que vous faites référence sont “We’re Up All Night To Get Lucky”

  8. I don’t get why they even use the word mexican in the song? Driving around, and I heard this for the first time about a week ago. SONG SUCKS!!! “mexican lucky…mexican lucky”

    what the hell does mexican lucky mean? This song is SHIT

  9. I am mexican and I am so lucky! It doesn’t have to do with the fact that I was born in Mexico City, is not a cause-effect thing, is just that I am a really lucky and blessed person i.e. CORRELATION and I am not the only mexican who is lucky 🙂 just look at the research who shows mexicans are among the most happy persons in the world!! If anyone is incapable of understanding this, I will just invite that person to travel more

  10. And yes, my english isn’t perfect! And anyone who criticize this, I dare him to learn a second language and to accomplish perfection first

  11. Hey Elena,

    I LOVE Mexico…¡Mexico Lindo! I have traveled in Mexico a lot and it is a very special place en mi Corazon Y Alma. Mexico and Italo go together so well!

  12. “She’s up all night til the sun, I’m up all night to get some, she’s up all night to have fun, I’m up on Mexican Lucky” Then the bridge of the song: “Oooh I’m Mexican. Ooh I’m Mexican. Oooh I’m Mexican. Oooh I’m Mexican”

  13. How do you people hear Mexican monkey or Mexican lucky or Mexican funky? It only says we’re up all night to get lucky…unless it’s different outside of the US?

  14. Yes, I KNOW what the lyrics actually are (I think there are only 3 lines in the whole song), but it still sounds more like Mexican lucky. Too funny.

  15. it sounds like:
    ” we’re up on Mexican Monkey”( some type of drug or stimulant?)” we’re up on Mexican Monkey”” we’re up all night to get lucky”,we’re up all night to get lucky”, we’re up all night to get stoned,we’re up all night to get stoned. ????????????????????????????????

  16. I prefer the lyric “Grew up on Mexican lucky” because that’s what it sounded like to me, and that’s what I googled to find out exactly what the untalented lightweight hack Pharrell was actually trying to ‘sing.’

    I did like the follow up song in the “soundalike lyric category” by Imagine Dragons, “Ready to rock you, ready to rock you.”

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