Deckadance 2 Beta Now Available

Image Line Software has announced that a public beta of Deckadance 2, their DJ software for Mac & Windows, is now available.

Here’s what’s new in Deckadance 2:

  • Decks – 2 or 4 decks.
  • Smartknobs – Link a knob to multiple FX & Mixer interface targets. User-programmable envelopes.
  • GrossBeat – 8 user defined FX per deck with integrated editor. Program glitch, stutter & scratch FX.
  • Isolator Effects – Up to 3 insert effects per track (from 10) applied independently to High/Mid or Low band.
  • Sampler – 1/32 to 16 step beat-matched easy sampling. One shot, trigger, retrigger and loop modes.
  • Smart Panels – User configurable Loop, Cue, Grid, DVS, Key, Smart Knob and Tempo panels.
  • VST host & client – Hosts VST plugins. Includes Effector VST plugin.
  • Library – iTunes library support. Play lists and automated mixing options.

You can download the beta at the Image Line site.

Note: This beta expires April 20th, 2013.

6 thoughts on “Deckadance 2 Beta Now Available

  1. just tried it out as a vst inside of ableton with each deck coming into a seperate channel. it syncs up perfectly, allowing me to use my loops, synths, and racks and still have a proper track browser, ability to load songs on the fly, and colored waveforms. one huge downside keeps me from shelling out for the full version: no led feedback of any kind unless using one of the supported controllers. come on guys, finish out your mapping panel!

  2. I see this as being a really good tool for people to learn on, more advanced loop-based DJs know how to program every feature this software has (or has the tools to, if they want to). Software like this is important for bringing new talent into the industry and I will not hesitate to recommend it for that purpose.

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