Wolfgang Palm Intros PPG MiniMapper Synth For iOS


Digital synth pioneer Wolfgang Palm has introduced a new software synthesizer for iOS, MiniMapper.

PPG MiniMapper features the same audio engine that powers his PPG WaveMapper synth, but with limited editing. Sounds created in the WaveMapper can be imported into PPG MiniMapper.

PPG MiniMapper comes with 10 pages:

  • Sound Map – Manual Mode
  • Sound Map – Accelerator Mode
  • Sound Map – Magic Mode
  • Arptor – Start/Stop/Rec, Range, Up/Down/Random
  • Audio Recorder / Keyboard Editor
  • Modifiers Page – two X/Y controller with selectable routing
  • System Setup – Number of Voices, Sample Rate, other constants
  • MIDI Setup – In / Out and controller
  • Easy data exchange between PPG MiniMapper and PPG WaveMapper
  • Preset Browser
  • Bank Manager – copy presets between banks

Palm calls MiniMapper ‘an ideal partner app’ for those who already own either PPG WaveGenerator or PPG WaveMapper.

Release date is estimated to be April 20th 2013. Price: US $3.99. More details are to come.

5 thoughts on “Wolfgang Palm Intros PPG MiniMapper Synth For iOS

  1. Count me in. This seems to be a sort of PPG WaveMapper-lite IF it’s a stand-alone app. It suits my needs as I don’t particularly need the/have time for the full app. Looking forward to it.

    1. I think you’re right. For a second I was thinking, wow finally he got it and implemented keys with useable size. But no, it’s the same tiny keys but sized for iPhone.

      I too would like to see more effort improving the quite annoying UI of PPG Wave. Like the keyboard jumping popping out unexpectedly.
      Any more sounds/presets. I’m not a presets guy, but for wavetable synths…you need good wavetables.

  2. i’m intrigued by the x-y pads.

    i asked if they might implement those on the other apps, wolfgang said he wasn’t sure.

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