Korg Volca Beats Delivers Classic Analog & Digital Dance Beats


At Musikmesse 2013, Korg today announced the Volca Beats – one of a trio of new Volca analog synthesizers with built-in sequencers. The Volca true-analog instruments combine mobility along with MIDI functionality.

The Volca Beats offers six analog drum sounds:

  • Kick
  • Snare
  • Hi Tom
  • Lo Tom
  • Closed Hi Hat, and
  • Open Hi Hat.

According to Korg, the Volca Beats offers “a wide array of sound variations that could not be produced by any means other than analog, with special emphasis on the sounds that are considered indispensable for dance music.”


A PCM sound engine is also included for generating clap, crash and others sounds that are better suited for PCM. Knob control can be used to quickly create a variety of drum sounds. For example, by using the three knobs (Click, Pitch, and Decay), a variety of kick sounds can be crafted, ranging from rough sounds that dominate the low range to tight sounds that keep a precise beat. In addition, a 16-part sequencer is included.

The series is comprised of three models:

  • the Volca Keys lead synthesizer;
  • the Volca Bass synthesizer; and
  • the Volca Beats rhythm machine.

All models provide carefully selected parameters that allow users to create the distinctive sounds of a true analog synthesizer. Each instrument features a loop sequencer for generating and recalling phrase-based performances. Multiple Volcas can be used in tandem thanks to vintage-style sync in/out, or as synth module via MIDI In. Optional battery operation and built-in speakers provide the ability to play anywhere at any time.



Multi touch trigger pad / step key


Analog synthesis (Kick, Snare, Hi Tom, Lo Tom, Closed Hi Hat/Open Hi Hat)
PCM synthesis (Clap, Claves, Agogo, Crash)

Click, Pitch, Decay, Part Level

Snappy, Pitch, Decay, Part Level

Hi Pitch, Lo Pitch, Decay, Part Level

Hi Hat:
Closed Decay, Open Decay, Grain, Part Level

PCM Speed, Part Level


Number of Parts:

Number of Ssteps:

Number of Recording Patterns:


Audio Output:
Headphones (3.5mm stereo mini jack)

Sync In (1/8” monaural mini jack, Maximum input level: 20V)
Sync Out (1/8” monaural mini jack, Maximum Output level: 5V)



Power supply:
6 AA alkaline or AA nickel-metal hydride batteries
or KA-350 AC adapter (optional)

Battery Life:
Approximately 10 hours (using alkaline batteries)

Dimensions (W x D x H)
193 × 115 ×45 mm / 7.61 x 4.54 x 1.78 inches

372 g / 0.82lbs (Excluding batteries)


KA-350 AC adapter

AA alkaline battery ×6 (for verifying operation)

Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice for improvement.

The Volca Beats will be available in July 2013 for a U.S. street price of $149.99. Additional product information is available at Korg.com

23 thoughts on “Korg Volca Beats Delivers Classic Analog & Digital Dance Beats

  1. This I love the most out of these 3. Though I’m getting them all for sure. I’m very happily surprised about the price!

  2. When i saw these i nearly wet myself ! Korg are god ! This is what so many users want, including me.
    Awesome looking product & once again at a realistic price. I can’t wait, tis gonna be a good summer !

    1. yes this is my question aswell. the demos are mono but that may be down to youtube compression.
      i don´t mind them being mono really. i plan to sample the shizzle into octatrack and pan there.

    1. where do you get that from?


      207 x 145 x 70mm

      that would be great but the proportions are obviously different even from the pics.

  3. Pre ordering one definitely! I couldn’t dig up the 2K$ for the tempest do hats off to Korg for coming up with an affordable analog 909/808 style machine. Bummer that it doesn’t have 1/4 inch outs but an adapter cable is all that is needed. As many others have said, Roland was very short-sighted for not doing an 808 reissue. This offers fresh new sounds and I’m sure Roland would have not done this for such a great price. My first synth was a Korg and my current workstation is as well.
    Domo aragato Korg!

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