25 thoughts on “Waldorf Nave iPad Synthesizer First Look

  1. Yes…. but this guy speaks in “wanna-be-cool-German” where you make up words turning English words into German. And that is simply painful for anyone with a decent amount reasoning!

    “Zu designt !!!! … mein Gott. So was tut einfach weh. Jemand mit etwas Gehirn wurde sagen: Zu kreieren, zu programmieren, zu gestalten, zu entwickeln, zu konzipieren oder noch am besten: zu entwerfen! ABER Dummheit ist ja sexy heute zu Tage. … Wie traurig, ich als nicht-Deutscher kann es besser 🙁 “

    1. Regardless, the startup screen on the app itself spells it “Nave”.
      There is a shorter video in English on YouTube from Steelberry, but it doesn’t demo any sounds either.

      1. Yeah, I have posted direct link to that video 1 hour ago, but sadly it must have been blocked by Synthhead…
        Still looks good though.

        1. We actually don’t sit around ‘blocking’ people’s comments.

          The site gets about 5,000 comment submissions/day and most of them are spam, so an automated system is required. The comment system screens out spam and puts suspect comments into a moderation queue.

          Comments that are flagged for moderation are typically OK’d within a couple of hours.

    2. Dear Loic,

      please honor that “designen” is a common German verb:
      Nobody in Germany would claim this to belong to the group of words you are calling “wanna-be-cool-German” since it is used in German language for ages. There have been many mutual influences between languages in history like English has been words from German roots in vice versa – not to speak about Greek, Latin etc. roots.


    1. Yeah, I don’t care about the interface at all unless I first hear a sound that makes me go “Oh, yeah, I want to make that sound!” Useless video.

    2. Hi

      please keep in mind that these videos are created in a context of a fair. They are not official product demos. People come and ask you “Could we see the beta and film it?” or “Could you make a quick run down of all features in 2mins?” Just take them as what they are, quickly made previews in a very loud environment. On the other hand, this may be also sometimes more interesting than official marketing videos. Decide yourself.


      1. C’mon Rolf, people want to know how it sounds! As nice as it was to see it, we want to hear it- no one is complaining that it wasn’t a polished demo, just that in all that time we expected a bit more audio in the video.

        1. @Zymos: No worries, once beta will near end and sound designers have done their banks, we will publish sound demos that you can hear what’s sound like. Nave will come with a lot of preset sounds from some really good designers. I’m sure you’ll like them.


          1. I can’t imagine a situation where I don’t buy Nave the minute it is released, I have no doubt it is going to be killer.
            It isn’t like I need to hear a demo before deciding, it’s more wanting a little taste while I’m waiting ( and waiting…. 🙂 )

  2. The interface, apart from some traditionally recognisable elements, looks fascinating; I’m very much looking forward to hearing what it’s capable of.

  3. Wow¡ great graphical design work… but what about the sound? because you are selling a synthesizer right? Or a video game?

  4. Im german 😉
    They said under 20 euro i think 17,99,- And they will release if all bugs are cleaned!!!! A nice company in my opinion!!! And they talk about richard devine… And Richard devine says thats the best ios synth at this moment…

  5. Anyhow, if its got that Waldorf sound then I want it!! It’ll be awesome to have a Waldorf iOS when I’m away from my Blofeld. Anyhow, I wish Nave to have a Bkofeld editor included. That would be the bees knees…or err…navel, if bees had NAVEls.

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