Daft Punk VS Skrillex Remix

Sunday Synth Jam: Conte’s Daft Punk Skrillex Remix is part synth jam, part music video, making clever use of a stock TV and a Novation LaunchPad.

Technical Details:

“I did an analysis of my track: There are 4059 clips in the Ableton session. 18 of them are Daft Punk and Skrillex Samples, the rest are original sound design. All of the bass sounds, the strings, guitars, pianos, synths, are all original.

The Skrillex and Daft Punk samples are almost entirely vocals, with only a couple of obvious exceptions.”

via jackcontemusic

9 thoughts on “Daft Punk VS Skrillex Remix

  1. As someone who will never be able to do all that controllerism stuff, or remember which pad is assigned to what sample, I admire anyone that can. Also, how cool is that programming of the ‘light show’?
    Nice work.

  2. Conte? Jack Conte? Wow I didn`t know he was doing this kind of stuff.

    And the way he uses the HDTV bring very interesting visuals to the mix.

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