Printing Paper DJ Controllers

Dr. Kate Stone has a vision of comining art, design and science. An interesting example of her work is her printed paper DJ controller.

By combining conductive ink with bluetooth, Stone has created paper controllers that actually work. 

While there are many advantages to traditional music controllers – Stone’s approach offers an interesting, inexpensive alternative that opens up new possibilities. For example, this would make it possible to print dirt-cheap controllers or custom designs.

The technology could also be used to create controllers that would be impractical using traditional approaches. For example – you could use this approach to create a wall-sized control surface or to embed interactive controls into a book.

via turnstyle, apc

6 thoughts on “Printing Paper DJ Controllers

  1. How about people learning something truly interesting, like how to control real vinyl spinning on two or three turntables at one time.

  2. can imagine the walls in my living room with wallpaper acting as a huge modular synthesizer…everybody needs that!

  3. what if you could buy an album and then the album art in the package had a dj control surface for djing the album…

    i see alot of potential in this… i am not quite sure what i feel about it yet.

    i will be neutral for now

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