9 thoughts on “OO Look A Mexican Monkey

  1. I absolutely love how the more you sing this the more it actually sounds like pretty much any crazy lyric you can conjure up.

    Daft Punk must be revelling in all this free publicity? I’ve just heard that 4 bar chorus melody about 50 times in a 1 minute YouTube clip. I couldn’t get that tune out of my head now if I blew my ears off with nitroglycerin.

  2. No matter what the lyrics are, let’s get down to brass tax, it sounds like any other song of theirs off any albums proceeding Home Work. Talk about sticking with what you know and sells.

  3. Arguing about Daft Punk lyrics makes about as much sense as trying to baptize a pit bull. Just tap your foot to the synth-fun and try to figure out how they taught those chimps to Riverdance. In fact, watch them use that video in the show, lyrics and all. That would be the ultimate laugh.

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