The Music And Sound Design Of Oblivion

The latest episode in the SoundWorks Collection profiles of sound designers and composers for film looks at Oblivion – a new science fiction film directed by Joe Kosinski.

Featured are Composer Joseph Trapanese, M83’s Anthony Gonzalez, Re-recording Mixer Gary Rizzo and Re-recording Mixer Juan Peralta.

4 thoughts on “The Music And Sound Design Of Oblivion

  1. Yep! Saw the film on Thursday, loved it. I loved the feel M83 gave it, reminded me of the feel Daft Punk gave Tron, not in terms of specific sounds but more in terms of compositional aesthetic.

  2. The soundtrack and sound design really helped make this film for me. From the sound of the investigtating flying drones to the epic M83 synth soundtrack, coupled with those futuristc visuals that Joseph Kosinski does so well. Perfect! 🙂

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