22 thoughts on “Free Roland TB-303 Software Synth For Windows, Venom VB-303

    1. Considering that I still haven’t gotten ReWire to work Rebirth with my DAW yet, I am excited to say the least, but I will give a more critical answer once I install it.

  1. I like a few acid tunes and lately I’ve been doing some acid jams but I think I’m not a TB Head or a acid specialist, never touched the real thing. A lot of hard work in this emulation, but unfortunately it can’t put aside the “made with synthedit” final sound. Can’t define what is this “made with Synthedit” sound. You just know that is there. Either if already used a lot of Synthedit synths or have created something in Synthedit, you know that sound
    For me Phoscyon still the best emulation (still to test ABL though), but hey, this one is free, so thats a good point.

  2. Be prepared to read the whole manual after which time you will not make this work and sound right out of the box, which SIGNIFICANTLY reduces the amount of FUN and CREATIVITY. Download if you are ready to nerd out with no result. Midiplay mode is very awkward if you have more than one controller, it seems. Unintuitive control and design. You want a free TB-303 with no bullshit? Get ReBirth from Propellerhead software. Those guys know what’s up since 1990s.
    User interface – 0
    Ease of use – 0
    Sound – 0
    Bulgaria – 0
    Sweden – 100%

  3. There’s lot of work in this so you have to give the guy some credit.
    Well done – looks great.
    Unfortunately I don’t have a PC so can’t judge the usability.

  4. I think its ok, a bit awkward to control to be brutally honest, the sound out of it is pretty close to a 303, but its quiet good , top credit were credits due

  5. i like the sound of the hardware and want to try it !!!
    just people are getting crazy these days they wont let me download!!!!! I get this msg, I cant adjust the virus checker dont have permission, any way round it. Get this when i try to downlaod. Net is becoming un-useable with all this blocking.

    Access to the web page was blocked by ESET NOD32 Antivirus.
    The web page is on the list of websites with potentially dangerous content

  6. I wanted to download Free Roland TB – 303 for my Windows 7 , and when I clicked ” download here ” I saw info ” Forbidden …. “. So where I can download this software ?

  7. Wow – can’t believe the negative comments here. As a former long time owner of a real Roland TB-303, and now a current owner of a TB-3, Bassbot TT-303, ABL 2 / 3 and Phoscyon, I can say with some authority that VB303 is the ONLY one which has captured the true nuance of the ‘woooaw’ sound which is such a key characteristic of the TB-303 (when RES is up full and you bring CUTOFF and ENV MOD down). This is thanks (I think) to the little TM3 trim pot on the virtul rear of the VB303. People, take TM3 down to about 40 :=)
    Antto, you are a genius and you truly understand the spirit of the 303…even more than a certain manufacturers’ own current generation of engineers seem to. Great work and thanks for the free acid !!

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