KingKorg Synthesizer Now Available


Korg USA has announced that the KingKorg analog modeling synth is now available.

The KingKorg is a performance-oriented synth, offering a 3-oscillator, 2-timbre design married with hands-on control.


  • A full-fledged, 61-key analog modeling synthesizer designed for live performance
  • Powerful oscillators that are understandable to the beginner, yet satisfying for the expert
  • Modeling filters that reproduce the sound of classic instruments
  • Three master effect sections (each with six effect types) add the finishing touch to your sound
  • Vacuum tube driver circuit adds rich overtones and powerful distortion
  • New panel layout designed for intuitive operation
  • CV/GATE OUT jack lets you control a Korg monotribe or MS-20
  • Support for librarian software that lets you manage programs

Here’s a video introduction to the King Korg:

The KingKorg is available now for $1,299. See the Korg site for more info.

If you’ve used the KingKorg, let us know what you think of it!

4 thoughts on “KingKorg Synthesizer Now Available

  1. I lost consciousness when I saw that glowing R-hole.

    Seriously, though. I expect this will make our analog brethren and sistren happy.

      1. It’s pretty clear that Korg didn’t design this for people that would dismiss a keyboard without listening to it.

        Having played it though, the King Korg seems like a great keyboard for synth freaks, because it does the full range of old-school ‘synth freak’ sounds, from subtractive synth stuff to Mellotron.

  2. This looks pretty sweet, but I definitely had a chuckle at the “majestic champagne finish” line. Brings me back to the old Numark decks, and I’m not sure that’s a connection Korg wants to make :p. Did Korg use ‘good’ valves for the glowing hole of ‘R’ this time around, or will we be swapping them as with the electribes?
    Looks like a nice board all around though, glad to see more CV connectivity!

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