Novation Bass Station II Hands On Demo

Here’s a great hands-on look at the new Novation Bass Station 2 synthesizer, via Nick at sonicstate.

The video features Novation’s Nick Boorman, who is “deep into the development of the instrument, and knows it intimately.”

The Novation Bass Station 2 was one of the hits of Musikmesse. It’s expected to be available in June, with a street price of about $500.

18 thoughts on “Novation Bass Station II Hands On Demo

  1. Wish more synth demos were like this! Pair somebody who knows it inside and out with somebody who wants to know it inside and out.

  2. This synth is shaping up very well indeed.
    Doepfer do a nice midi to cv/gate converter if that’s your thang!

  3. I really love the features of this synth, but does anyone else think the bass sounds in this demo are kind of thin? I’m hoping it’s the recording, but to me the sub oscillator and the low bass sounds seemed lacking.

    Can’t wait to hear more demos from this thing. Very smartly designed.

  4. Any news on the dimension of this instrument? I’ll be buying one anyway, just curious whether it would fit on the little space at the front of my studio desk

  5. I see original Bass Stations on ebay for $250-400 with no bids. Why bother? I had one. They were junk, especially compared to what I’m seeing here. I’d take this over the MS-20 mini. (I had an original MS-20 also – not a big fan of it.) I wish Korg would re-issue the MonoPoly. That was a fun synth!

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