Vio Voice Transformer Adds AudioBus Support, Still Psychedelic As Ever

vio-ipadVio – the super-psychedelic vocal transformer for iPad – has been updated, adding AudioBus support.

Here’s what’s new in Vio 1.2:

  • Adds support for Audiobus
  • Adds support for landscape view on iPad (in iOS Settings > Vio)
  • -Brightened star, share and record icons on the main screen
  • Advanced settings are now visible by default
  • Adds ability to log out of Dropbox account (in iOS Settings > Vio)
  • Performance and stability improvements

They haven’t changed the super-psychedelic user interface. Here’s a demo of Vio in action:

Vio is available for US $2.99 in the App Store.

6 thoughts on “Vio Voice Transformer Adds AudioBus Support, Still Psychedelic As Ever

  1. I’m one of the Vio developers, and I did a short improv track with Vio and Figure, which you can see here: For that track, I mostly just hummed long notes and let Vio’s sequencer do the melodic work for me. I also used looping and quick changes of morphing position to create a kind of call-and-response phrasing.

    I can’t wait to see what our users come up with! Please share your creations.

  2. This is frekkin sick!!!!!!!!!!!! What an amazing fx box. Jamup, heres you’re coffin, here’s your nails. Start hammering shut that lid.
    This box has some wild posibilities and are capable of sonic things I have yet to hear form my ipad. It just got a WHOLE lot more fun making music on the ol’pad 🙂

  3. What a day!! I have been waiting for Vio to add audiobus, as I love the app but have always been dissapointed with how difficult it was to leverage with my ipad workstation. Can’t wait to start using this with my DAW

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