SubSonic – Free ‘Vintage Synth’ VST


Developer Tim Aviss let us know about his new subtractive software synthesizer, SubSonic.


  • 3 Oscillators (Sine, Sawtooth, Triangle, Square, Noise) with detune
  • Graphical ADSR Envelope
  • Multiple filter selection: Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Band Reject, and Peaking.
  • Fully customisable reverb module
  • Delay Module for standard Echo delay effects.
  • Stereo Chorus
  • The Flanger module is versatile and powerful, combining overall sound of the 3 oscillators and using a sine wave to phase invert the sounds before adding feedback. This can give ‘unearthly sci-fi like textures’.
  • The Warper: This module is an envelope modulator. Aviss notes that some ‘wacky timbres can’ be made using this.
  • Amp

Here an audio ‘demo reel’ of SubSonic in action:

SubSonic is a free download for Windows (VST).

19 thoughts on “SubSonic – Free ‘Vintage Synth’ VST

    1. A snide and premature comment. I’m already laughing at your out of tune analog gear, and your ios synths that do less than a vsti for much more money…

    2. This has to be the funniest thing I have heard this week. I think the real joke here is how Apple does not allow the most used plugin formats by everyone in the world to be used on their sacred platform and prefer an app format which is sandboxed and cannot send data to other apps unless its compatible with some other third party apps like Audiobus/Jack/ACP.

      Fact is you would be as excited as everyone else if Apple would allow VST/AU/RTAS plugins on IOS, if you don’t believe it just look at every threads when Auria announced plugin support, and how everyone was disappointed when we learn every Auria plugin would also have to be approved by Apple.

      What is this? A computing platform or a kindergarten?

          1. It’s just a bit odd and tiresome that the only time you seem to have anything to say is to complain about things you can’t do on your iPad – on posts that don’t have anything to do with iPads!

            1. Its not odd at all, you simply did not understand that I was replying to filip’s “vstiโ€™s are the joke of 2013″, which is obviously a rant about IOS on an post about a VST. If you don’t like it, complain to filip, he was the one who started the thread, I simply replied and it was on topic with filip’s comment. Didn”t you see that?

              What I find tiresome is how some people (like you) will judge me only based only on one comment, which they don’t understand because they never read the entire thread related to that comment so they cannot make the connection, but yet they claim and accuses.

              Its not easy being a celebrity on Synthtopia, some people (like you) see my name and only think “oh this guy hates Ipad” without ever even trying to read or understand what I’m really talking about.

  1. Nice work.
    I like the colors of the GUI.
    Maybe the 3 osc could be grouped intro 3 tabs, the effect section in a 4th tab.
    This synth need a modulation matrix (5th tab).
    I’d like a port on iOS for the same price.
    Goog luck. It looks and sounds promising.

  2. Me Too ๐Ÿ™‚

    Shut Up with this BS, everytime i come on here its always stupidity

    Just download and shut up

  3. I could maybe *Maybe* understand the negative rants if the guy was charging $100 for this VST…but he’s not is he? It’s free, which automatically makes the negative comments seem ridiculously out of place. What have any of us done for free lately …or ever? Some people still believe in trying to build a “community” of sorts, though with some of the comment on this site, you have to wonder why.

  4. Thanks much for your efforts it is nice to know some folks still try to share their creations. As for the “children” in the room I think they all need a good slap on the ass and a timeout. Maybe a little sucky on Mama’s titty.

      1. Abdul I have a feeling that 90% of Synthtopia readers agree with you. Taking into account, of course, that around 10% of males on here are gay. What I mean to say is, I fear that Synthtopia is basically a giant sausage party! Lol

        Hopefully there are at least one or two girls reading this, in which case I say welcome ladies, it’s lovely to have you! Sorry for my pal Abdul’s overtly crass and sexist remark, he doesn’t get out much and easily confuses loving women with loving porn ๐Ÿ˜‰

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