Rocket Control Brings Patch Management To Waldorf Rocket

rocketcontrolSynthesizer developer Waldorf has released Rocket Control, a free iOS assistant app for iPad that ‘boosts’ the capabilities of its Rocket hardware synthesizer.

Waldorf describes the Rocket synth as ‘a superficially simplistic USB-powered desktop synthesizer’, that nevertheless offers a lot of power under the hood. Too keep the Rocket synthesizer’s size and cost down, though, Waldorf had to leave some features out, including patch memory. 

This is where Rocket Control comes into play. This free iOS assistant app for iPad acts as a synth editor for the Rocket and allows users to edit and/or save their patches (when connected via a Camera Connection Kit, WiFi MIDI, or a CoreMIDI-compatible device). Edits can be viewed onscreen or edited directly on the iPad itself. Users can also play the Rocket using the Rocket Control keyboard — plus Pitch and Mod wheels.

Rocket Control is a free download from the App Store.

Here’s an audio demo video for the Rocket:

The Rocket synthesizer is available to purchase from Waldorf dealers worldwide, with an RRP of 244.00 EUR / US $349.99 (excluding tax).

3 thoughts on “Rocket Control Brings Patch Management To Waldorf Rocket

  1. Can someone please make an app for the monotribe?! I know there’s a software editor already but I would pay good money for the portability of iOS – probably up to 69p!

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