Audio Mastering For iPad Review & Tutorial

Here’s a user review & tutorial of Audio Mastering for iPad:

A review and tutorial of this new mastering software for the excellent way to polish off your finished tracks, and a great way to learn about mastering techniques for £6.99 or $10…nice.

Audio Mastering for iPad is available for US $9.99 in the App Store. If you’ve used it, let us know what you think of it!

via thesoundtestroom

12 thoughts on “Audio Mastering For iPad Review & Tutorial

  1. mastering with graphic Eq….huuuu…..
    vtw very useful when you master your mix in the bus with earbuds……

    1. Agree. I am having a hard time picturing this as part of a mastering workflow, and say that as someone with three ipads in my studio.

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