Sound Picking – Improvising Music With Dance

This set of videos documents Sound Picking – a project of Jonas Barsten for his master’s thesis.

Sound Picking explores joint improvisation between musicians and dancers, using the dancer’s gestures as an input into processing the music.

Here’s a performance of Sound Picking:

Here’s a technical overview of Sound Picking:

via musicofsound

9 thoughts on “Sound Picking – Improvising Music With Dance

  1. This is great for live shows: dancers participating directly to music (sync must be perfect 😉 )!
    Too bad that the dancer must to be so dressed 😀

  2. I have never understood/gotten dancing. But aside from that, thiswould be an awsome idea for live. Turning invisible virtual knobs and sliders in the air, streching sound (as he points out)., and so on. Cool 🙂

  3. that was your masters thesis ??
    i have been doing this since 1991 – butoh dancers wired to analog synths nothing new here
    -now i just use camera tracking

    1. And your point is? LOL! I always love how people who were”doing” stuff years before still have always lacked the ability to do anything with it. Like me claiming to have invented Glitch music when my tape deck got a tape all warped and my rca was frayed. Wiring dancing people to electronics goes WAY further back than 1991

    2. I have nothing against mentioning previous similar work here, including your own, it is important to know your history, no less so in digital art.

      But I’ll have to take issue with your discouraging / disparaging tone, as if somehow because you or anyone has once or twice had a similar idea, new attempts at it are somehow lesser, and not worth pursuing…

      This field is competitive enough as it is, do not make it worse, please stick to constructive feedback or no feedback at all and you’ll be making the world more pleasant for all of us…

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