Usine Hollyhock Modular DAW Now Available For Mac & Windows


Sensomusic has released Usine Hollyhock, a modular environment for live music and real-time installations. 


  • Mac OS X & Windows compatible
  • Simple and powerful interface
  • Rack concept
  • Grid sequencing
  • Device-based architecture
  • Modular environment
  • VST & AU integration
  • Up to 64-channel surround
  • Share patches over the LAN
  • Native Multi-touch
  • Highly multi-core optimized
  • Customizable mixer
  • Synthetic view lets you view all audio and MIDI flows
  • Play list
  • Direct to disk audio
  • Record movements of knobs, faders
  • Integrated physical engine
  • Customizable interface

Usine Hollyhock is available to download as a ‘release candidate’ version at the Sensomusic site.

If you’ve used Usine Hollyhock, leave a comment with your thoughts on it!

17 thoughts on “Usine Hollyhock Modular DAW Now Available For Mac & Windows

  1. It looks like there’s no free / demo version for download yet… unless I’m missing something? In any case, it will be awesome to finally get this running on Mac… I was considering buying Usine a few years ago just before I migrated from Win to Mac, then of course it went on the back burner. It’s an awesome tool, combining some of the most compelling features of Live and Reaktor. In fact it makes me wonder if there will be space for Bitwig in the market by the time it gets out the door.

    1. Mmm… I downloaded the free version from their downloads page a couple of days ago. Now the link seems removed. An updated one will come I think.

  2. This one is very classy, with several forward-looking amenities to offer. I’m hitting the wall in places, being pressed to upgrade my Mac when the little bugger still works with grace n’ charm. Its an artificial MARKET pressure, not a genuine need where its actual functioning is concerned. You all know that song.

    So my question is “How long will this run reasonably?” My view involves commitment and familiarity, which takes time to mold into its best shape for your work. An early-model Motif is still a Motif, whereas software is toast after, what, about 5-6 years if you’re lucky? With that said, if they support this oddly-named tool the way Reaper does, then it has potential. I could get used to its design ethic. Its everything BUT a full traditional sequencer. This one could be a great partner for a more mainline DAW.

    1. As a music producer it’s hard to say Apple is forcing you to upgrade considering they haven’t updated Logic in like 5 years…

      1. Logic is so mature to use, it hardly requires updating. I don’t really need things like Flex Time, although I can use it a bit the day I get to version 9 or up. No, I meant a push to use OS 6 or better. Upgrade can be a dirty word, because you often have to pay madly to update everything you use that demands it, which usually does mean everything. I’m not bitching; I’m just reaching that big conversion point we all hit every once in a while, so my Big Computer Toe will have to be stubbed for a while.

        I give this app the nod again. Its like handing someone MAX/MSP or Logic’s Environment in a tidy package. Sleek!

  3. Seems interesting for Mouse music makers. Audio mulch and Numerology somehow seem to be very similar to this. I definitely like software like this that has more focus on getting the whole modern approach laid out nicely. I wonder what the final price is…??

      1. Hmm Well it was in the last version but I cannot confirm its in this beta so maybe its not implemented yet. Sorry for raising your hopes ….. pretty sure that feature will be back soon though.

  4. Thanks for your interest in Usine,
    Usine Hollyhock has been updated and the new free version is also available.

    Some of the improvements:
    – new Rack layout as columns
    – option in the setup to have Patches, Grid, etc in a floating windows for multi monitors
    – Pianoroll, Scripts, Browser windows can be resized
    – racks panels can be minimized.
    – scrollbar in Interface Builder
    – user curves in Sample player module
    and more..

  5. Usine Hollyhock had been Updated (version 1.02.011)
    Major Release.
    – New multi-channel Reverb module
    – New List Manager module
    – Most of reported issues fixed.
    – A new “Quick Tour ” workspace in the Start page with many simple examples for new users

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