Somatic Circuits Intros VEM Voice Expander Module For Euro Modulars

voice-expander-module-vemSomatic Circuits has introduced the Voice Expander Module to its Luna Modular line of Eurorack format synth modules. The Voice Expander Module (VEM) provides the core element for a synthesizer voice.

The module is comprised of 3 sections;

  • VCO – Voltage Controlled Oscillator
  • VCF – Voltage Controlled Filter
  • VCA – Voltage Controlled Amplifier

This module has been designed to provide a standard synthesizer signal path. Both the VCO and VCF have a normalized output to allow isolation of each section for external use or processing to be returned back to the module through the Mix-Inputs.

The VCO is a full range oscillator sporting Saw and Pulse waveforms. The VCF is a 2pole Multi-Pass filter with self-oscillation at high resonance. The VCA is clean and fast with zero CV feed through.

The Voice Expander Module is priced at AUD$295. See the Somatic Circuits site for details.

via matrixsynth

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