Synthesis Fundamentals Explained In New Poster Series


The Bob Moog Foundation has released a new series of posters that explain the fundamentals of synthesis.

This set of seven 11″x17″ posters covers these topics:

  • What is a waveform?
  • What is an oscillator?
  • What is a filter?
  • What is an envelope?
  • What is an amp?
  • What is a harmonic?
  • What is an L.F.O.?

The Fundamentals of Synthesis posters are available individually, or as a set for US $25.

6 thoughts on “Synthesis Fundamentals Explained In New Poster Series

  1. The Bob moog foundation? Just read the mission statement and it seems extremely vague.

    We provide hands-on opportunities for children and adults to explore the science of sound through Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool and the preservation of Bob Moog’s archives and musical inventions, which will converge in a future interactive museum, or Moogseum, online and in Asheville, NC.
    Moog gear is very expensive and has a qualified teacher , moog gear isn’t affordable in inner city uk educational projects .
    There is something vague and creepy about the marketing of the Bob Moog Foundation .
    I am not convinced of the credibility of moogs work ,other than making money and brand positioning.

    1. You’re very confused – the Bob Moog Foundation is not connected to Moog Music.

      They do both have the word ‘Moog’ in their names, but there’s a reason for that!

      Also – the Bob Moog Foundation is very open about what they do – publishing videos on YouTube, sharing their activities on Facebook and posting updates on their site. They’re dedicated to preserving the work of Bob Moog – not to selling synths.

    2. Yeah, I have to agree. The Moog foundation is basically a way for “Moog Music” to have a tax exempt marketing department.

  2. ‘Very Confused’ I think not .
    From your website.
    It’s important to note here that the Bob Moog Foundation and Moog Music, Inc. are two separate entities who share a common heritage and mutually supportive relationship.
    Mutually supportive relationship, that line has put a smile on my face . Surely mutually supportive relationship, ‘hints at some kind of connection?
    I would say you are way beyond the ‘very confused’ line you aimed at me.

    The bottom line is the moog foundation claims to be a charity to spread info on moogs synths and moogs synths are very expensive,
    to a point where in ‘ inner city educational situations /musical outreach projects’ moog gear is not used because of the price of the gear. That is an hilarious own goal.

    1. Yet somehow you missed the ‘ two separate entities’ part of their statement. And then you do the trolly thing of suggesting that I work for Moog or the Foundation.


      Whatever you think of Moog Music, you should judge the Bob Moog Foundation by what they do – which is preserving Bob Moog’s legacy and promoting science education through sound – and not slander people preserving the memory of the guy who created modern synthesis.

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