The Hound Brings Special ‘Fatness’ To Nord Sample Library

Nord has released The Hound – an update to the Nord Sample Library.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

The Hound was a digital synthesizer module with analog filters (VCF) developed in the late nineties by the Dutch company Cirko Electronics. Although it received good reviews when released, only 20 units were ever produced.

It had a special “fatness” parameter that gave the sound more meat when applying a lot of resonance, 4-outputs and was 16-part multitimbral.

Download the sounds on the Nord Sample Library page.

The Nord Sample Library is compatible with the Nord Electro 3/4, Nord Stage 2, Nord Wave and Nord Piano 2-series.


One thought on “The Hound Brings Special ‘Fatness’ To Nord Sample Library

  1. I think it’s worth having a look on Nord’s website at the Nord Sample Library.
    It’s a huge collection of famous synth in there.
    No wonder why the Nord Wave and other NSMP capable keyboards are popular.

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