TouchOSC Now Available For Android & Updated For iOS

touchosc-androidHexler has release a new version of TouchOSC, a customizable multi-touch music controller app, and it’s now available for both iOS and Android.

Here’s what’s new in version 1.9:

  • Support for iPhone5
  • Support for custom layout sizes
  • Support for more MIDI message types (All controls now support Control Change, Note, Program Change, Poly Pressure, Channel Pressure and Pitch Bend messages)
  • Added XY control MIDI mapping mode (Placing 2 or 3 fingers on the control will send only x or y messages)
  • New iPhone5 layout: Automat5
  • Fixed handling of UTF-8 encoded strings in both application and editor
  • Fixed naming issues with virtual CoreMIDI connections (iOS)
  • Removed support for MIDIMobilizer Mk I (Please use a CoreMIDI compatible accessory, i.e. MIDIMobilizer Mk II, instead)

Here’s what they have to say about the new Android support:

After much testing, hacking and cursing we’re rather confident this version will play nicely with most devices and existing layouts out there, and fully support the feature set offered by its iOS brother and the TouchOSC Editor/Bridge applications (minus some Apple specific features like CoreMIDI, that sadly have no Android equivalent). The definitive plan is to keep both versions as close to identical as possible from this point on.

As the attempt to fund the development (and the metric ton of testing devices) using a donation model was plainly unsuccessful, and the common response seemed to be “I’ll donate when it’s finished”, the app is being released as a new, paid application on the Google Play store and we’ll try to keep pricing (just as much as the feature set) identical across platforms. That being said, both versions will be reduced in price for a couple of days to celebrate, to say thank you for the continued support over the years and to apologize for the long wait!

 Note: If you own an older iOS device, see the Hexler site prior to upgrading.

TouchOSC is available in the App Store and Google Play.

10 thoughts on “TouchOSC Now Available For Android & Updated For iOS

  1. Good to see that Hexler continues to work on TouchOSC.

    Seriously, there are so many audio-related apps on iOS, but if I had to pick one as the most important (for me), it’s TouchOSC by a large margin. In combination with my RME Fireface UCX it serves as monitor controller at home – and as a mixing desk during live mixing tasks. Works just great 🙂

    By the way, here’s the template for the Fireface:

  2. Why they removed support for MIDIMobilizer Mk I ??? Ah ok i must buy the new version if i want to use the latest TOUCH OSC… many thx for such nice updates plans…

        1. Much like the entire world was wrong about the world being flat, the entire internet is wrong on that one : TouchOSC does not process audio, only audio processing is affected by lag on Android. TouchOSC sends OSC, which is not an audio signal.

          You guys shouldn’t comment on things you don’t know or haven’t tryed yourself.

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